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Destanie May 26 191 views

What makes you passionate about medicine?

Growing up in a black household and relying on the healthcare workers in my family such as my mom, my aunt, and holder cousins, I was surrounded by resilient and self-supporting mindsets that I tend to consistently reflect on. As a current 2nd-year first generation Biology Pre-Med major, my...

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Tammy May 15 137 views

Are you a professional in the medical-surgical nursing field?

Hello! My name is Tammy and I am a current high school student. I'm conducting an interview with any professional in the Medical-Surgical Nursing field for a Foundations in Health Science Class project about careers! I have created a total of 13 questions. Comment on this post, answering all 13...

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Ariel May 16 94 views

Is it worth it to go into medicine? I've seen many issues when it comes to pay, burn out, administrative issues, abd just overall a workplace/balance that is not sustainable nor worth the effort? What are your thoughts on the current treatment of doctors post covid and if the shortage of doctors is due to any specific reason? Thank you!

I just finished my freshman year on the premed path.

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Samantha Apr 27 227 views

Was this career your first option? Do you ever get stressed/bored of your job?

9th grade, did you always want to do this job and did you like this job a lot, Was it harder than you thought or easier

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Kevin Apr 25 191 views

How does the process of medical school start after college?

How do we apply to medical school from college.

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Katherine Apr 11 231 views

what classes do I need to take during my first 2 years of city college?

If I'm going to community college for 2 years, and I wanna know the classes I need to take to be on track with becoming a pediatrician before I transfer.

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Ruby Mar 06 115 views

What was the first step you took to begin your career?

Was starting your career stressfull? Were there bumps in the road? If so how did you overcome them?

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SUNDAY Apr 14 183 views

Will public health be a good career path for me as a graduate of human anatomy?

I am writing my final exams currently to graduate with a degree in Human Anatomy and there is great confusion within me, personally I love public health practice but again I am feeling I won't be accepted there because I have no medical degree i.e Mbbs degree, but that's what I want to do I...

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Amanda Apr 12 227 views

As pre-med student, is it more beneficial to attend a cheap, less prestigious university or a more expensive university with a better pre-med program?

At one institution, I received a full-tuition scholarship, and it's close enough that I can live at home. However, it has limited pre-med opportunities outside of the curriculum. At the other institution, I received zero financial aid but was accepted to a prestigious honors pre-med program...

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Chelsea Apr 11 190 views

Why is it that in the medical field we have to wear scrubs/uniforms?

Is it because of the numerous pockets?

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Jan 07 310 views

What can I do to increase my chances of getting into a pre-med program?

The ideal pre-med program/ school I would like to be accepted into is CU Denver. Is there any specific way to increase my chances of being accepted?

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Altariq Apr 09 274 views

To enter medical school, what is the best course of action with poor grades?

My uni grades fluctuated due to life circumstances. I'm far from rich but am still striving towards my goal. I feel as though my back is to a wall.

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Charity Mar 14, 2018 599 views

How will I know which medical field to go into?

I want to apply to medical school after I get my bachelr’s degree, but I’m worried I won’t know which medical field suits me the best. Will you know as soon as you do it? Are certain fields better for certain people? #medicalschool #medical-education

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Dionysus Apr 06 239 views

Typically how long is medical school?

If I were to participate in medical school, how long will it take to get a Phd?

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Brandon Jan 31 205 views

Why did you choose to become a doctor?

I'd really like to pursue a health profession, but I cannot help but think I'm simply being forced into it subliminally. What should I do?