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Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
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Joseph May 09 328 views

What is the best career for me ?

I am a student of 21st century high college, I'm interested in knowing the best career for me, I found myself getting attracted to natural things like plants and animals...

Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy Mar 23 426 views

Work-life balance?

As a psychiatrist or any doctor what is your day to day schedule and how do you balance life in and out of the hospital.

Lilly’s Avatar
Lilly Mar 22 329 views

How much free time do you have during the week to see family and friends and do activities that you like?

I am a highschool student, interested in going to school for pediatrics.

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Pappi Mar 07 528 views

Which is better doctor?

My dreamis doctor

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Mar 01 724 views

Can you become a paramedic from being a doctor What’s the process from going from doctor —-> paramedic. Is it better to do the other way round??

Interested in medicine

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Abdul Feb 28 448 views

What's the most helpful thing a surgeon can do for a patient post surgery ?

I am an 8th grader.

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jan 05 2303 views

How do you find a lifelong career that you will love and be passionate about?

I'm still young, in my early twenties asking for advice or helpful insight on finding the right path for me. I'm currently enrolled in a Jobcorps Center and am pursuing Pharmacy technician and or other trade work training. I have several small interests that I enjoy but none that I feel...

Joy’s Avatar
Joy Dec 25, 2023 956 views

What is essential for successfully choosing a career in medicine?

I've always wanted to pursue a career in medicine and that has not changed. But, I want to create a life for myself where I'm financially stable and happy. So, how do you choose a career that makes enough to support your lifestyle while maintaining a happy life.

Bailey’s Avatar
Bailey Oct 03, 2023 405 views

What does an OR nurse do on a daily basis?

I would like to become a nurse and am wondering what certain nurses do especially in the operating room.

Destanie’s Avatar
Destanie May 26, 2023 553 views

What makes you passionate about medicine?

Growing up in a black household and relying on the healthcare workers in my family such as my mom, my aunt, and holder cousins, I was surrounded by resilient and self-supporting mindsets that I tend to consistently reflect on. As a current 2nd-year first generation Biology Pre-Med major, my...

Tammy’s Avatar
Tammy May 15, 2023 329 views

Are you a professional in the medical-surgical nursing field?

Hello! My name is Tammy and I am a current high school student. I'm conducting an interview with any professional in the Medical-Surgical Nursing field for a Foundations in Health Science Class project about careers! I have created a total of 13 questions. Comment on this post, answering all 13...

Ariel’s Avatar
Ariel May 16, 2023 320 views

Is it worth it to go into medicine? I've seen many issues when it comes to pay, burn out, administrative issues, abd just overall a workplace/balance that is not sustainable nor worth the effort? What are your thoughts on the current treatment of doctors post covid and if the shortage of doctors is due to any specific reason? Thank you!

I just finished my freshman year on the premed path.

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha Apr 27, 2023 470 views

Was this career your first option? Do you ever get stressed/bored of your job?

9th grade, did you always want to do this job and did you like this job a lot, Was it harder than you thought or easier

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Apr 25, 2023 540 views

How does the process of medical school start after college?

How do we apply to medical school from college.

Katherine’s Avatar
Katherine Apr 11, 2023 1059 views

what classes do I need to take during my first 2 years of city college?

If I'm going to community college for 2 years, and I wanna know the classes I need to take to be on track with becoming a pediatrician before I transfer.