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Architecture and Engineering Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
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David Oct 15, 2023 598 views

Would the following portfolio (below) that I have put together after graduating from my time at Bellevue College enable me to get a entry level, remote (work from home), parttime job/internship as a 3D modeler in Washington State I'm still working on my modeling skills and learning online but I would like to know if my skills are even strong enough to obtain an entry level position as a 3D modeler. Would a 3D modeler at CareerVillage be able to evaluate my skill level and connect me to an appropriate employer/ internship? Here is the website of my portfolio: Please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks, David?

Would the following portfolio (below) that I have put together after graduating from my time at Bellevue College enable me to get a entry level, remote (work from home), parttime job/internship as a 3D modeler in Washington State? I'm still working on my modeling skills and learning online but...

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Milan Oct 11, 2023 331 views

How do you decide between two jobs which are complete opposites?

I'm very into photography and the thrill of taking pictures but; I also am very into helping people mentally because I know it's hard to get support. I'm very good at photography and I'm currently doing it in school, I'm in high school. I'm also a very emotional person and I've always struggled...

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Alexander Oct 04, 2023 545 views

Hello, i would want to know about computer science, robotics, and how to make a computer?

Hello, my name is alex and i am interested in computers, robots, and just about everything that relates to computers and technology. I really wanted to become a electrical pr mechanical engineer, so i wanted to know if i could supported a family of 3 with the salary of a electrical engineer....

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Giselle Oct 03, 2023 302 views

Homicide detective?

My name is Giselle and I’m interested in being homicide detective, I wanna know some hard things you guys need to deal with, and if it’s hard for them

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Elijah Oct 02, 2023 334 views

What are some steps that I should take in order to get a job in computer science?

I am a sophomore in high school interested in going to college for computer science. I am already very familiar with coding and how computers work.

Elijah’s Avatar
Elijah Oct 02, 2023 327 views

Is it a good time to try to pursue a degree in computer science?

I'm a sophomore in high school, but I'm already very interested in coding, particularly game development.

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Ivana Oct 02, 2023 1905 views

Are there any careers that may match my likes and dislikes?

Hi, I'm a college freshman studying Business Admin and I interned at two finance corporations this year (equity capital markets team + bank resource mgt team). I'm trying to think of a career that I will enjoy or a job that I can at least start straight out of college. Does anyone have any...

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Andrew Oct 01, 2023 849 views

Is there good jobs for history majors in the job field?

I've always heard that history majors are useless. I love the study of our past and the stories of people. My APUSH teacher always said that there are plenty of jobs for history majors in business due to the soft skills learned from the major. What are some good jobs that history majors can go...

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Georgia Oct 01, 2023 316 views

What are some career opportunities for someone majoring in Visual Arts and Technology and Psychology?

I am double majoring in Visual Arts and Technology and Social Sciences with a concentration in Psychology. I hope to have a concentration in creative programming within my arts major. What are some careers I can look into? I am interested in UI/UX Design, Neuropsychology, and Graphic Design

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Shayne Oct 01, 2023 632 views

What proggraming language should I study?

Should I study C++, Java, Python, or HTML5 in college?

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Lillyon Aug 08, 2023 271 views

how did you get this far in your career?

looking for those in the mental health field along with activism for those with all sorts of disabilities. What do you wish you would have known before going into this field>

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Emmaleigh Jul 31, 2023 568 views

What is the environment like being in law enforcement?

Is the environment good or bad?

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Pragnya Jul 22, 2023 277 views

I am an upcoming high school senior and I would like to major in neuroscience, what do you recommend to get to know the college?

It is easy to just apply for the most quality neuroscience program, but I'm also looking for research opportunities, affiliated hospitals, quality professors, and a safe environment. How can I get this kind of information about a college?

Nevaeh’s Avatar
Nevaeh Jul 24, 2023 183 views

What should I consider when it comes to a surgery career path?

When considering the career path of being a medical surgeon what is the most important thing to consider. Such as finances, colleges, and types of surgery? If this matters I am in 8th grade and I am easily motivated and a hard determined worker.

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Abigail Jul 17, 2023 546 views

What are your best tips on building a career as an artist?

I have definitely started building my career by doing commissions, building an email list, getting in my community with art fairs, and hosting my own painting workshops.