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maintenance mechanic
Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Occupations
Newington, Connecticut
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Nabeel Apr 18 315 views

What would you need in order to become a technician?

I am a junior in high school and tech has been an interest of mine

Dee’s Avatar
Dee Apr 18 202 views

What are some high paying jobs in the aviation indrusty besides from being a commercial pilot?

I really want to be part of the aviation indrustry.

Hunter’s Avatar
Hunter Apr 02 279 views

I'm going into Job Corps to pursue a trade in Heavy Equipment Mechanics but I'm not sure entirely sure what to expect on how to transition to working on cars.

I'm wanting to learn how to work with Gas/Diesel and Electric (since that's the future). What Steps should I take or classes I should take to learn all this and what does that all look like?

Caleb’s Avatar
Caleb Mar 22 219 views

Is it better to work with someone or to work by yourself as an electrician?

I like talking to people but at the same time when I'm working sometimes I don't like to.

Preston’s Avatar
Preston Apr 10 178 views

I am a sophomore in high school, and I am trying to figure out whether I should join the military through West Point as some sort of avionics or computer officer, or if I should become a chiropractor through Palmer in Davenport?

My dad was a mechanic in the military, and I respect him so much for it. I want to be like him; however, I am also considering being a chiropractor. My parents prefer me to be the latter. I want to have a large family, and I appreciate the fact that the military will pay for some of my kids'...

mikey’s Avatar
mikey Apr 09 315 views

How can I get a Job at my age? Were can I start? How hard Is it to do?

I want an technogoly job at 14 and i got one month till I am 14 its may my birthday is and I want some extra money for technogoly things because I love to build pcs one day and I want experince so I can get the best technogoly Job that's right for me for the future! Hope someone can help me...

John’s Avatar
John Mar 08 338 views

How do I prepare for ASVAB TESTING ?

I'm heading into the airforce and I'd like to be prepared.

Danny’s Avatar
Danny Feb 28 191 views

How much work do I need to do to be in the airforce?

I'm wondering if you need to go through a fitness test or something like that to get approved.

Danny’s Avatar
Danny Feb 28 151 views

How brave do I need to be to fly a plane?

I'm 14 and in 8th grade and I want to be in the air force.

Jay’s Avatar
Jay Feb 24 558 views

What is the best degree?

I'm thinking of the best degree to major in college, i'm currently in 12th grade

Lisa’s Avatar
Lisa Feb 24 281 views

best way to learn new skills ?

best way to learn new skills ?

ethan’s Avatar
ethan Feb 15 315 views

I would like to become a marine. I think one of the main question i would have is how long will i have to stay in the military. What are the job opportunities i will get from joining the military.

I would like to become a marine. I would like to go to college for nuclear engineering and then go back to the military.

mahollia’s Avatar
mahollia Feb 15 250 views

Who here is an accountant in the military?

I'm in job corps in Memphis, TN and I would like to ask some questions about being an accountant in the military. How long did it take for you? How was it for you when you started? Was it hard when you first started?

ethan’s Avatar
ethan Feb 15 1885 views

Could i transfer from one branch of the military to another.

I would like to go to the military and would like to finish my first few years and then go to college and then would like to go to another branch.

Rosalyn’s Avatar
Rosalyn Feb 23 368 views

How do I focus on studying ?

How do I focus on studying and having a busy life with pets, friend's and family.