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Francis Ashkar

information and computer science student
Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv District, Israel
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Oyadare May 13 352 views

How to select the perfect career path

I'm in grade 8, i need how to select the best career

Monday’s Avatar
Monday May 14 313 views

How can I learn computer stuff ?

I want to learn about computer science and if possible coding graphic design and other things that next to be done with PC

Am willing to learn hopefully o will be the best

Humphrey’s Avatar
Humphrey May 14 327 views

What computer ethic is best to study and pays well ?

Like computer analysis
Programmer etc

ylanda’s Avatar
ylanda May 15 239 views

what is the best cyber security mechanism?

cyber security tips

Josue’s Avatar
Josue May 15 534 views

As a high school senior, I would like to start my tech newsletter should I do it?

In 2022, I saw a video on YouTube about a guy who created an app like Fiverr, but just for developers. It was called CoffeeDev, and I really liked the idea. A few months later, I made a Discord server with the same name, thinking I could turn it into something big. But I got too busy with...

Jerry’s Avatar
Jerry May 15 354 views

How can I get enrolled for internship with a tech company ?

What is the best way to get started on applying for internships or gaining experience in the field of computer engineering?

I'm a college student pursuing a major in computer engineering. I want to gain experience in the field to be ready for the workforce. How would I get started in doing so?

zack’s Avatar
zack 2 days ago 270 views

How long does it take?

I'm in job corps looking to take a tech course and was wondering how long it took you to find a well paying job in tech?

Chris’s Avatar
Chris 2 days ago 107 views

What is the difference betweens coding and programming?

Explain it in such a way a kid or a someone who isn't into tech would understand

Rider’s Avatar
Rider 9 hours ago 81 views

What can I or cant include in my CV?

What can I or cant include in my CV?

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph yesterday 343 views

What are some things that I should focus on learning before I start college as a Computer science major ?

I'm going to be starting college this fall, and I was wondering what are some math or programming topics/classes that I should take notes on during the summer

Manar’s Avatar
Manar Feb 18, 2023 650 views

Life Massive Decision ?

How did you choose you professin?
Was it money?Passion?Parents?other?

Rita’s Avatar
Rita Feb 18 761 views

can anyone help me with information regarding astronomy?

where can i learn more about astronomy>

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Dec 18, 2021 841 views

I need advice on what jobs I should look into if I have a bachelors degree in psychology. What are unique jobs to look into with this background that are do not require higher educations such as a Masters?

I just recently graduated with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Legal Studies. I am a creative and outgoing person, so I want my job to match this. I also have struggled finding a job that does not require higher education or that pays an adequate enough amount. #psychology

Makayla’s Avatar
Makayla Feb 16 347 views

What are your favorite and least favorite things you do as a forensic scientist?

I am a sophomore in high school who is interested in forensic science. I would like to learn more about what exactly you do to make sure I will enjoy it. I am thinking about one day applying to work for the FBI as a forensic analyst.

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Feb 16 293 views

What are the hardest years of being a pilot?

Loyalty is important to employers and I was wondering what time would be the hardest to be a pilot