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Misty Miller

ISM Rep @ AT&T DirecTV
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations - Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Occupations
Huntsville, Alabama
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summer’s Avatar
summer Jun 12, 2019 629 views

is it stressful

#rn#nursing #nursing-education

Sinethemba’s Avatar
Sinethemba Jun 08, 2019 2027 views

I am in high school which subjects do i take up for journalism

I need all the subjects i have to take up e.g english #school

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Mar 16, 2018 1238 views

What is the equivalent to internships in the education field?

Everyone talks about getting internships, but for someone who wants to become a teacher, what are good summer opportunities to improve a resume? #education #teaching #internships #summer-jobs

Koen’s Avatar
Koen May 17, 2019 621 views

What does an architect do.

Wha #architecture

Amelia’s Avatar
Amelia Jan 16, 2018 934 views

How can I help a student to love learning?

As an Education major, I've realize that many students deal with many issues and sometimes don't take priority in their own education. From dealing with family issues to mental issues, I understand that one of my main jobs is to make sure that students passes the class that I teach, but I want...

Vanshika’s Avatar
Vanshika Jun 08, 2019 995 views

Tell me about careers that involve travel

#traveling #career #courses #travel

Keisha’s Avatar
Keisha Jun 05, 2019 607 views

How should I prepare for this career?


Keisha’s Avatar
Keisha Jun 05, 2019 479 views

After getting my masters, where would be a good location for a medical field position?



naileah’s Avatar
naileah May 28, 2019 817 views

what does an emt do specifically?


Melba’s Avatar
Melba Sep 11, 2018 487 views

How do I get information on becoming a Medical Investigator, in my state?

I would like to be an investigator in the Medical Examiner's office.
#medicine nvestigator

Ash’s Avatar
Ash May 22, 2019 648 views

Can you be a nurse if you have epilepsy?

#nurse #health

Emely’s Avatar
Emely May 28, 2019 616 views

What is needed to study in order to be a paramedic?

What course did you have to take when becoming a paramedic? What school did you go to? Did the school prepare you well? #college-major #major #paramedic #medical-school

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine May 28, 2019 527 views

I started out in computer science but I changed my major. Will that effect me getting a job in the future?

Switched to Business Computer Information Systems after one programming course. #computer #information-technology

caryn’s Avatar
caryn May 03, 2019 483 views

What should I do to get started in cosmetics?

#cosmetologist #makeup

Eduardo’s Avatar
Eduardo May 15, 2019 447 views

Frequently asked questions in an rehabilitation career interview?

Hi I'm Eddie but most people call me Eduardo don't call me that though. Anyways I wanted to know for the longest time what kind of questions am I going to get when I go to an interview for my career path? I hope atleast someone answers cause your boy is desperate to know. love u bye #career