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Chentel’s Avatar
Chentel Aug 22, 2023 610 views

How do start the career process when comes to finding a job?

I don't what to have a career but I want start by just being able to get money. What I want to know how do I that and get a job?

Rex’s Avatar
Rex Aug 21, 2023 310 views

Is race an aspect colleges look at when selecting students?

Looking for a good college.

Geoffrey’s Avatar
Geoffrey Aug 19, 2023 659 views

What should I know as a student planning on entering the industry as a computer science major?

I'm currently a high school junior who is planning on majoring in computer science once I am in college. Is there anything I should know before entering the workforce? Is there anything you want upcoming students to know?

Ally’s Avatar
Ally Aug 18, 2023 1070 views

What types of careers are there in the medical field?

I’m an incoming junior and I want to explore jobs on the medical field. I am currently thinking about college and what I may want to study if I were to enter the medical field.

John’s Avatar
John Aug 18, 2023 259 views

Where can I find internships in IT related fields?

I’m a junior at DeVry University studying for a bachelor degree in IT. I also have interests in Computer Science and Database Science. I’m looking for part time remote opportunities as I’m disabled and still studying for my degree.

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Aug 13, 2023 654 views

Where do I start when building my portfolio for fashion design?

Most colleges I've looked into don't really provide anything specific. But I'd like to know the best way to ensure that my portfolio is going to be perfect!

Emmett’s Avatar
Emmett Aug 10, 2023 490 views

How should I balance my schedule for my first year of high school?

I’m going into my freshman year of highschool and am playing football while taking all honors classes. Any tips on how to not fall apart mid semester?

Toni’s Avatar
Toni Aug 09, 2023 576 views

How can I develop or achieve a academic or dream career while also maintaining a sufficient social and personal life?

For instance, being able to take vacations, practice my hobbies, hang out with friends and family are all what I desire but I fear I won't be able to do any of that if I take the standard academic route and do a Masters program or go to graduate school for even longer.

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Aug 09, 2023 392 views

Why should I work in the medical field?

Why should I be a doctor?

celeste’s Avatar
celeste Aug 08, 2023 518 views

How do I find the career that best suits me?

How do I find the career that best suits me? I want to go into premed but I'm not sure if it is right for me. How can I see if its right for me?

Kylie’s Avatar
Kylie Aug 01, 2023 249 views

Are there any reliable options for scholarship opportunities?

Such as any websites to go through?

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Aug 01, 2023 288 views

If you were me,what would you do in this situation?

I was stuck in this problem where my parents told me to take science but my friends and mentors told me to take math what should i do? imm good at both the subjects

Ellie’s Avatar
Ellie Jul 31, 2023 534 views

why is it so essential to get so much education for a good job in the US?

We were talking about the different classes of people in the US in class the other day and it was made aware to me how much education people had to get/pay for in order to really pay enough for essentials in life in the US. People with higher education get the better jobs that pay more and...

Bella’s Avatar
Bella Jul 31, 2023 732 views

How difficult is it to make a living being a graphic designer??

I'm interested in being a graphic designer and doing commissions and selling art, but I keep hearing how difficult and unrealistic it is. Is it really so difficult? Is it possible?

Akhila’s Avatar
Akhila Jul 24, 2023 286 views

how do you move up within a company

how do u move up or get promoted in a company. do u have to tell ur boss u want a promotion or do they just happen

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