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Rasya B.’s Avatar
Rasya B. Nov 18, 2020 154 views

What are the best ways to stand out in the college admissions process?

I have good grades and extracurriculars but is there something else I could do to really boost my application? #college #collegeadmissions #business #finance #ivyleague...


Denis H.’s Avatar
Denis H. Apr 13, 2016 747 views

What are some recommended colleges with strong Construction/ Project Management majors?

I am a 10th grader in Boston, and I work construction over the summers and on the weekends. I have interest in becoming a project manager, I just do not know what colleges are known for this specific major. #management #construction #project #labor...


Ahlyia L.’s Avatar
Ahlyia L. Aug 27, 2018 704 views

What are ways to increase your changes of being accepted to four year colleges, despite being from a low income area?

Another question I have is how can I stand out to colleges while being from a low income area that, to me, seems to limit my opportunities? I have had personal experiences losing great opportunities due to where I am from. #college #high-school #low-income-area #workforce #steam #stem #science...

#technology #engineering #advice #planetary-science #math #astronomy #forensics #space #astrophysics #pharmaceuticals #medicine #space-exploration #career

Franklin N.’s Avatar
Franklin N. Apr 02, 2020 414 views
Nicholas P.’s Avatar
Nicholas P. Nov 25, 2020 109 views

If you had six months of free time between college graduation and your first job, what would you do during it?

Right now I have the great opportunity of having the months between January and June completely free as I allocated this time to travel and explore between college graduation and my first job. However, travel is looking unlikely due to the pandemic. I'd like to try and find a few things to do...

#gapsemester #gapyear #postcollege

Julea P.’s Avatar
Julea P. Feb 10, 2014 14059 views

What do I need to qualify for a customer service job?

I think there are some jobs in my area where I can work in customer service. What do I need to qualify for a customer service job? Do I need to have a certain college major, or can I go straight from high school. Do I need previous experience? Every job seems to require previous experience, so...

#customer-service #support

Andres R.’s Avatar
Andres R. Jan 16, 2018 364 views

What is credit and how do I build good credit?

Going into college you are confronted with lots of ways to pay for tuition, including loans. Typically, everyone is charged around the same interest for their loans because there tends to be little to no credit history among young individuals . I know that this may not be the case for any...

#credit-cards #college #finance #loans #student-loans #credit #money

Rachel D.’s Avatar
Rachel D. May 26, 2020 151 views

What does it mean to be an electrical engineer?

I am a senior in high school and I applied to college as an undecided engineering major. I have watched numerous videos provided by colleges on what each field of engineering entails and what really interested me was electrical engineering. I am curious about what an electrical engineer does...

#college #engineer #stem #electrical-engineering

Annabelle  F.’s Avatar
Annabelle F. Dec 04, 2013 1524 views

What kind of characteristics would I need in order to pursue marketing?

What types of courses would I take? What are some characteristics of people who are in marketing? What types of things have people done in order to become successful? #b2b-marketing...


Roger P.’s Avatar
Roger P. Oct 09, 2020 105 views

To people who are a graphic designer (the job not category of jobs) how easy or hard was it for you in college? Mainly classes and payment for stuff needed for class?

Hello, I'm thinking of being a graphic designer (I'm going say this every time the job specifically not the category of jobs), and the title/questions state everything I am asking. #graphic-designer #college...


Keffim C.’s Avatar
Keffim C. Apr 09, 2015 727 views

How much money do Navy SEAL's make?

I may want to defend my country but I want to know how much I'll be making, so when I retire, I'll have enough to support my family....


Justin W.’s Avatar
Justin W. Oct 23, 2016 422 views

What is a day in the life of a computer programmer?

I am going into CIS but not sure exactly what I want to do after graduating with a masters degree. #computer-science...


Carlos E.’s Avatar
Carlos E. Jan 28, 2017 814 views

How do I start an advertising campaign?

I recently came across a small cafe near my home;it's nice, comfy, and sells good Coffee. The cafe is new (4-5 months) and is having trouble bringing in business ,I offered to help them market their store and they agreed. I only have the most basic understanding of what advertising means ....

#sales #marketing #marketing-and-advertising #advertising #sales-management #social-media-marketing #digital-marketing

Wade-Noah  B.’s Avatar
Wade-Noah B. Apr 08, 2015 1532 views

How many areas are there in engineering?

I want to become an engineer but not sure what area of engineering interests me....


Tanu N.’s Avatar
Tanu N. Feb 08, 2020 599 views

I want to be an movie/tv actress and lawyer at the same time!

I’ve been wanting to be an actress since I was 3. I can also dance, I’ve loved it since I was 3. I can sort of sing. Drama is my favorite class at school. But I need something else just in case, so I plan to graduate in law and be a lawyer. I am also passionate in law, but it is a recent...

#college #stories #author #art #advice #civilrightslawyer #dancing #writing #law #lawyer #passion #acting #drama

Meng S.’s Avatar
Meng S. Apr 09, 2014 3488 views
Amiya T.’s Avatar
Amiya T. Apr 12, 2016 449 views
Christie C.’s Avatar
Christie C. Mar 25, 2020 494 views
Destiny C.’s Avatar
Destiny C. May 18, 2015 767 views

What do you do if you aren't too sure exactly what majors you want to do besides one?

I want to do culinary arts and dance, but I'm not entirely sure that I want to be so close-minded with the majors. How do I decide from here on what can interest me? #college-major...


Kenya B.’s Avatar
Kenya B. Feb 06, 2019 1598 views
Paige B.’s Avatar
Paige B. Apr 08, 2014 618 views

how do you choose a major and when you do pick a major does that mean you can't take classes that you generally have a interest in?

I'm a junior in high school and i'm interested in a lot of history, science, and language courses. I don't know how to limit my choices and focus just on one. #majors...


Mustapha T.’s Avatar
Mustapha T. Apr 04, 2018 224 views

For a student in psychology, but doesn't want to deal with medicine, what does a professional in psychology recommend?

I am a student that declared as a psychology major, but do is not interested in medicine. i do not want to associate with anything that has to do with...


Caroline C.’s Avatar
Caroline C. Jul 20, 2020 176 views

How can college students utilize their campus career center to its full potential?

Hi, I'm Caroline! I will be a senior in college and I am studying Accounting....


Kaya T.’s Avatar
Kaya T. Dec 10, 2019 288 views
Cole C.’s Avatar
Cole C. Jan 16, 2018 247 views

In terms of the political science field, what should be expected in potential job opportunities?

I am going to school for political science, and I am currently curious in what options I may have following graduation. #polysci #political-science #college-major #college...


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