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Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Within 40 mile radius
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Annie Jun 14 375 views

Does this course rigor look strong for college? How many dual enrollment course should I take, and what AP? For a science major.

I’m going to be a senior in High School, I have straight A’s and have taken honors classes since ninth grade. I’ve only taken AP language so far, and I think I will only take AP Human Geography next year. I will also take dual enrollment classes. How many dual enrollment classes should I take?...

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Annie Jun 04 1006 views

What are the best schools in Florida for introverted students who study hard?

I want a school that has a pretty good reputation. I want good instructors and a school that is in a safe area.

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Annie Jun 04 858 views

Should I retake my SAT if I got a 1380 on it?

I will most likely go to a college in Florida (University of central Florida or University of Florida). I also want to major in a science.

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Liad Apr 25 350 views

As a computer engineer, when you have an idea, how do you make sure nobody takes it and uses it as their own?

As a computer engineer, when you have an idea, how do you make sure nobody takes it and uses it as their own?

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luca Mar 22 362 views

what is the most full filling career?

I want to know

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Nadia Mar 17 486 views

What are the most suitable majors for transitioning from engineering?

Suppose a person has completed the physics I-III sequence, the calculus I-III sequence, differential equations, probability and statistics, linear algebra, along with several engineering-specific credits. Which majors should they consider transitioning to where they have already met many of the...

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Ava Mar 15 483 views

What is the hardest part of medical school ?

I’m interested in health science
I’m interested in becoming a psychiatrist

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Hannah Mar 05 624 views

Is it a good idea for me to get a degree in nursing even though i do not plan on becoming a nurse?

My intention is to do something more specialize like physician assistant

Price’s Avatar
Price Jan 20 527 views

Where would a good starting point be if I wanted to start learning game development or design?

I have little knowledge on this topic and would like to know if there are any suggested places to start!

Gracie’s Avatar
Gracie Jan 04 937 views

What is it like having a public relations degree?

i’m a sophomore in high school who is currently interested in being a pr girlie! but the thing is idk how it is to be in that lifestyle, what do you specifically do?

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Izabela Nov 21, 2023 426 views

How to get better at basketball ?

I’m 5’5 1/2 but it’s really hard for me to handle the ball, i’m also not the best with my left hand.

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Andrew Oct 18, 2023 591 views

What is the best way to start learning graphic design remotely?

My name is Andrew and i need to learning graphic design because i like that.

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Sasha Oct 16, 2023 633 views

What should I do if I want to enter the modeling industry at a young age?

I know i need a portfolio

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Sasha Oct 14, 2023 331 views

How to make fast monet?

How to make fast Monet

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Sasha Oct 14, 2023 463 views

How to make fast money?

how to make fast money

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