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Statesville, North Carolina

Within 40 mile radius
Hailey’s Avatar
Hailey Jul 16, 2023 450 views

What programs are there for free or at low cost?

I am autistic and a person of color. I would like to find a veterinary study abroad programs that are affordable for me in countries like germany, Norway,Denmark, Iceland,etc

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Jul 14, 2023 1048 views

What are the most important skills you need to succeed as a icu/picu/nicu nurse? And what are the biggest challenges you face on a day to day basis?

I am an aspiring college student-athlete and nursing has always seemed like the perfect job. However I’m trying to figure out if nursing is the right career path for me.

Zoe’s Avatar
Zoe Jul 09, 2023 287 views

When is a good time to look at college's?

I don't know when it is appropriate to start looking at college's.

faith’s Avatar
faith Jul 02, 2023 362 views

How do you find out what to major in?

I have been looking into orthotics /prosthetics but have no idea were to start.

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Jun 23, 2023 271 views

How to get experience as an undergraduate social work student who is unable to drive?

I am looking for ways to gain experience through virtual capacities and online certifications. Feel free to include other ideas as well that are not virtual just so I can explore those options later on when I purchase a vehicle.

Samiyah’s Avatar
Samiyah Jun 12, 2023 308 views

What was your experience like in a University What was your best and worst moments? ?

Try to be detailed and understandable.

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Jun 12, 2023 204 views

Do all colleges have a week where application does not have a fee?

Is it only a select few? Where can I find the information for it?

Courtney’s Avatar
Courtney Jun 11, 2023 433 views

What is the youngest age you can use a EMT certification in North Carolina??

I am 16 years old and one class away from gaining my EMT certification through my local community college. However, I feel as it if is frowned upon for younger persons to work in the healthcare profession.

Hailey’s Avatar
Hailey Jun 05, 2023 388 views

What is the best abroad study programs?

I want to live in another country a I want to find cheap study abroad programs

jadyn’s Avatar
jadyn Jun 05, 2023 300 views

what can i do to help prepare me better for the future?

jobs, money, life in general

Courtney’s Avatar
Courtney May 30, 2023 275 views

Why is there such negativity with becoming a surgeon?

When telling people that I want to be a surgeon i get a lot of weird looks.

Priscilla’s Avatar
Priscilla Nov 08, 2022 389 views

How do I obtain a scholarship?

Why do I have to pay when I am low income? When can I get a scholarship? What is the most important thing you need for a scholarship?

braian’s Avatar
braian Nov 02, 2022 560 views

What's the best sports college to go to?

I want to play soccer but idk which teams are the worst.

braian’s Avatar
braian Nov 02, 2022 640 views

What are the pros and cons of going to College?

I'm curious on whether i should go to college or drop out.

Maasia’s Avatar
Maasia Nov 02, 2022 660 views

What is the best major to do in undergrad?

Hey, my name is Ma'Asia Bastfield I am a senior at Garingr high school. what I want to major in undergrad is forensic science and minor in per-law maybe I really don't know.

What is the best major to do when going to undergrad trying to be a lawyer?

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