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There are a large number of careers in the field of Medicine. Some of the most popular include Doctor, Nurse, Pharmacist, Optician, and much more. To learn more about these...

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jazmyn F. May 15, 2017 527 views

What type of doctor should I be?

I want to live in Canada and be a famous figure skater on Canada's Olympic team but I want to have a real career. my plans were either a pediatrician or an ob-gyn. What should I do? #health-care #career-details #medicine...


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Jenay G. Jul 06 67 views

Is anesthesiology a demanding career?

I am trying to decide which path I want to take in medicine and I’ve seriously been considering anesthesia. #medicine...


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Toluwanimi O. Jun 22 196 views

What are the different pathways to becoming a sports medicine physician?

I have a B.S in Biochemistry. love sports and I hope to combine my passion for sports with my desire to be a doctor. Are there other fields of medicine other than Orthopedic surgery that afford me the opportunity to work with professional athletes? #medicine #sports...


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Jeff S. May 16 76 views
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Randy W. Apr 19, 2018 245 views

What are the necessary steps I need to take to become a pediatrician?

I'm asking this question because I want to help kids with their health field #kids #medicine #pediatrics #pediatrician #healthcare...


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daniela M. Apr 15, 2018 219 views

What has been a hardship in the work area of a physical therapist, and what has this caused on a physical therapist as a person, their family, and the way they view life?

My dream is to become a physical therapist, therefore, I would like to know and understand how a physical therapist feels when they have encountered a hard ship and how this caused them to change as a person, how it affected their family and the way they view life. #medicine...

#physical-therapist #physical-therapy

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Emily J. Apr 09, 2018 278 views
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Emily J. Apr 09, 2018 191 views

Are hours as a general surgeon too long?

I would like to be a general surgeon when I finish college. I would also like to have a family and I'm wondering if I would still have time to spend with them, or if the job would be too much. #generalsurgery #surgery #medicine #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare #doctor #surgeon...


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Hanan M. Apr 07, 2018 271 views

How can I tell which medical field is the best for me?

I can't wait to start my career in medicine, but there are so many options of what to go into, and I'm currently debating between a few different fields. How do I know which field is the best for me? I was thinking about dermatology, gynecology, radiology, and pediatrician. #medicine...

#hospital-and-healthcare #pediatrics #doctor #healthcare #dermatology #gynecology

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Alejandra C. Apr 06, 2018 233 views
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Kassidy P. Apr 05, 2018 263 views

what are things i should need to know about being an RN

im asking because i want to be RN and i want to know what some things are that i should know about that career. #nurse #nursing #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare #medicine...


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Hanan M. Apr 04, 2018 639 views

Any tips for aiming for the University of Toledo Medstart program?

University of Toledo is perfect for me right now, and even though I have a long time until I get into college, I really want to make sure that I'm doing everything possible to get into their programs. Any tips on what I should be doing? #univeristyoftoledo #medstart #medschool #doctor #premed...

#hospital-and-healthcare #medical-school #healthcare #medicine

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Madisyn O. Apr 04, 2018 243 views

is there anyway to get scholarships for medical school

After my four years of undergrad I want to go into medical school but I know it will be expensive #medicine #scholarships #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare #doctor...

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Madisyn O. Apr 04, 2018 270 views
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Hanan M. Apr 03, 2018 295 views

Any tips for getting into a top school? For a medical school?

I know that it's super competitive for some schools and for almost all medical schools, so is there anything I should be doing to make sure that I have a good chance of getting in? #medschool #topschool #ivyleague #medicine #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare #doctor #premed...

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Hanan M. Apr 03, 2018 220 views

How can I increase my chances for the Direct Med program?

I know that the Direct Med program is extremely competitive, but what can I do to make sure that I have a competitive resume that will higher my chances of getting in too? Do I need to make sure that I have good grades, good extracurriculars, or what? #medicine #directmedicine #healthcare...

#hospital-and-health-care #premed #medschool

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Ana R. Mar 26, 2018 406 views

How could my salary, as an aspiring physician who is female and part of an under represented minority group, be affected in my future?

I have learned that in 2017 only about 34% of physicians were female. In addition to being female I am also a part of a minority group. I would like to know how these factors may play a role in determining my salary in my future career even though these facts have nothing to do with how I could...

#hospital-and-healthcare #female #medicine #women-in-stem #healthcare #minority #women #physician

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Zuhaad H. Mar 23, 2018 502 views

How much expenses do the doctors have to pay?

I know doctors make a good amount of money but how much do they have to pay via taxes, college, and other fees if there are any? Also, since there are many fields in medicine, is it possible to become a doctor in two professions at once? Like being a psychiatrist and a dermatologist? #medicine...

#hospital-and-healthcare #healthcare #psychiatrist #dermatologist

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YvesLangston M. Mar 19, 2018 289 views

What is a common challenege for Medical students today?

What should I be prepared for as I go into Medical studies? Is there anyway that I can help those that come after me with this challenge? #medicine #medical-school #doctor #healthcare...


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brooklyn S. Mar 15, 2018 307 views
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William H. Mar 15, 2018 254 views

For doctors/physicians, what would you change to enhance your residency experience?

I understand that there are ups and downs in medical school and the training years later on. I want to know what can be done to make things smoother for doctors. #medicine #residency #doctor #healthcare...


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Chun L. Mar 13, 2018 229 views

What do nurses in Canada do?

I wasn't from Canada and I found that the nurses in my homeland do the completely different work from the nurses in Canada do. I feel that nurses in Canada are more like doctors in my homeland. But I am not so sure about what nurses in Canada do. Could anyone give my some example of nurses'...

#hospital-and-healthcare #doctor #medicine #healthcare #nurse #nursing

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Rebecca C. Mar 13, 2018 227 views

What are some tips on acing my MCAT exams?

In a few years I will take the MCAT and I want to know what classes and studying methods worked best for you when you were mere college students? #mcat #medicine #doctor #healthcare...


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Breanna W. Mar 12, 2018 316 views

What are the best ways to help me get into Medical School?

I am about to go to college and I want to start preparing myself for medical School #medschool #medical-school #medicine #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare #applications...