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MarkeseW_af13 . Apr 01, 2013 2840 views

What are the credentials or degrees needed in order to become a marketing representative ?

My name is Markese. I am a senior in highschool. I want to know more about the requirements to become a Marketing Representative. What are the credentials or degrees needed in order to become a marketing representative ?...


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Indra K. Oct 22, 2013 9141 views

Was it hard to have a job during college?

I want to go to a four year college in Boston, and I think I am going to need to work during college. I will have some scholarships and maybe loans but I heard that they don't pay for books or food. For people who worked during college, was it hard? What did you do for your job and how did you...

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Augusta I. Jul 25, 2014 1312 views

Are there a downsides to hiring someone who graduated from a Women's College?

I am asking because I would think there would be something that would be lacking in a woman who went to an all women college than a women who went to a coed college or university. #career #jobs #colleges #women #coed...


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Clareta B. Aug 12, 2014 2633 views

What do social media marketers do on a day to day basis?

I'm a rising senior and this year I'm going to be working on my college applications. I want to be a marketing major. For anyone who works in social media as a marketer can you please help me understand what social media marketers do on a day to day basis? Im on social media all the time and I...

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Eliza M. Dec 15, 2014 1785 views

What college courses should I take if I plan to major in marketing?

I will be attending college in the fall and intend to major in marketing. I am unsure of what other courses would be helpful. I’d like to become a marketing manager at some point in my career. What courses would help me to achieve this goal? #management #marketing #manager #courses...


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Lindsey S. Mar 12, 2015 1514 views

What qualities and skills do startups look for in a new hire?

I am in 10th grade, living in Boston, and I am very interested in business and entrepreneurship. I have been hearing a lot about startup companies and wonder what kinds of qualities or skills I’d need to have in order to get an internship with a startup and to eventually work for one #business...

#entrepreneurship #startups

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Austin S. Apr 07, 2015 829 views

What college classes should you take for a sports management major?

Want to go into sports management #management...


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Korede O. Apr 13, 2016 876 views

Best way to get started in entrepreneurship and business?

I am a 16 year old sophomore in high school looking to get started in entrepreneurship and building businesses to help improve and add value to the quality of people's lives. The thing I hear the most from many big business moguls is "Just get started! Don't worry about perfection, just do it!"...

#business #entrepreneurship

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Julia A. May 24, 2016 941 views

What are the qualities that one needs to change the world?

Is the best strategy to bombard them with kindness? Or is it more of an "ends justify the means" situation? What can I do to encourage people and help them believe that they, too, are capable of change? #psychology #education #management #leadership #social #women...


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Stephen L. Dec 15, 2016 556 views

If I want to major in Business, what steps do I need to take?

I am an intended business major in college. I want others to know what they have to do to prepare if they want to major in business. #business #finance #accounting...


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Abdulwahab A. Jan 28, 2017 890 views

Is multi-tasking a skill that is required for this job?

I am interested in working in the major of Finance. Is multi-tasking a part of it? #business #finance #accounting #personal-development...


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Catherine T. Jan 14, 2019 396 views

Which is better: continuing to work a job you've grown to dislike because it is advantageous for you career-wise, or finding a new job that you genuinely enjoy?

I've always believed that if you pursue a career you love, then you'll never work a day in your life, so I've followed my dreams and have always planned to pursue my passion, even if it might not result in the most high-paying job. This passion is writing. However, throughout the years, I've...

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