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Los Angeles, California
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Lucas Oct 08 58 views

What skills or knowledge do I need to become a psychologist?

I am a sophomore in college that likes having fun and being pushed out of my comfort zone.

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Laura Sep 30 205 views

How do I get started as an illustrator/graphic designer?

Hi! I'm a lifelong artist currently recovering from my engineering day job and the toll it's taken on my mental health. (Mechanical Engineering grad, 2-ish years into my career). I've finally gotten to a point where I'm ready to take the plunge and look for a more creative career. I'm...

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Lucia Sep 24 98 views

What are some good community service ideas for high schooler??

For reference, I am a freshmen in high school and I haven't started the whole community service hours, it's hard to find a place to get my hours in.

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Maricela Sep 16 114 views

Is there good internships at your school?

Could be anywhere

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Noel Sep 16 142 views

What is going to be the difference with having an associate degree and a bachelor degree in a major?

I am already taking college classes and going to get my associates next year and I would like to strive for a bachelors degree for ultrasound tech. So I was wonder what that difference is going to be.

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Allison Sep 16 179 views

How did you know you wanted to pursue your career?

Did you know right away?
What made you want to do this career?

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Ivee Sep 09 244 views

How will I know when I find the right career path for me?

I have so many interests; I fear starting a path and soon realize I am unsatisfied or rather unfulfilled. In an ever-changing world with time being the most valuable, I feel as if the mistake of choosing the wrong field for me is dire.

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Evelyn Sep 02 169 views

What tips would you give to a highschool senior struggling to figure out what to major in?

Senior in hs

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Angel Aug 27 219 views

How do i figure out what i want to do as a job?

I'm interested in artsy things

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Franchesca Aug 26 110 views

What makes your college special?

What social opportunities are available for students? Do most students graduate in four, five, or six years? What study abroad opportunities are available?

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Chloe Aug 15 119 views

Animating Clips

How do you learn to animate clips?

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Kari Aug 19 137 views

What do i expect going into highschool?

What do i expect going into high school?
I expect to stay on top on my school work and get all good grades and I plan on making good friends and making sure I have all the classes I need to pass

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Ash Aug 11 400 views

What advice would you have for someone who wants to get started in the animation field?

I want to make cartoons, and or concept designs for video game character

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Archived Aug 02 150 views

what should I do after a bachelors degree in psychology?

I'm interested in computer science field. will i be able to do masters in a course relating computer science and psychology after just a degree in bsc. psychology?

Ava’s Avatar
Ava Aug 02 115 views

What was your college experience like? Anything you would suggest for new college members?

I always been curious about what college life is like. I heard about all the parties, the roommates, and especially the work. How is it really though? Is it draining and stressful? I'm currently not close to going to college but I've looked into some and I'm very interested to hear from people...