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Bill May 22 68 views

What routines do you follow each day??

As an entrepreneur, what routines do you follow each day for personal development and career growth?

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Leonel May 22 142 views

Why do you like the profession you are doing?

Why do you guys like the career or job or even profession you guys do?

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan May 22 91 views

How do I start my singing career?

How could I start singing? Yes next year I know I will be in choir and it has really inspired me and I was wondering where could I begin at?

Oyakhilome’s Avatar
Oyakhilome 2 days ago 377 views

what does a professional resume contains and show me how to write one?

what does a professional resume contains and show me how to write one?

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Grayson Mar 31 295 views

How can i learn new language like german?

i want to learn Germany

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Eric Apr 01 400 views

What can I do to attract customers when I open a shop?

Do I need a bigger sign, a bigger shop?

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Mark Apr 02 415 views

what makes one to be active in class?

how can he or she be more active

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ferran Apr 02 362 views

how to be an active listener?

listen carefuly

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Melissa Mar 22 252 views

How much do veterinary doctors make?

#veterinary doctors #Helptheanimals

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Zaybriel Mar 22 186 views

Does the job of a police officer have mental and physical stress, how hard is it to make those stressful decisions?

I would like to know how the body and the mind react to the stress

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Rihanna Mar 20 398 views

How do I know if studying abroad in university is right for me?

Does it depend on my major?

Julio’s Avatar
Julio Mar 20 325 views

how to get money?

because I want to be able to be financially stable

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Francis Mar 06 447 views

whats the best advice when looking for a job?

I am a junior in high school that does sports

Nicholas’s Avatar
Nicholas Mar 02 650 views

Is there a way to get a specific job in the united states air force My recruiter told me i have to pick 10 jobas and whichever is available first is the one that i get. Is this true??

Im 19 with a 93 asvab score. im looking to become and EOD, and crypto or airborne linguist.

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Jane will Mar 07 449 views

What kind of help i can get here ?

Please describe