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CareerVillage Office Hours Apr 12 334 views

How to become a Landlord?

Share your journey & guide aspiring Landlords on their path!

Note: We've seen a lot of interest in this career, so we're looking for guidance from our community of professionals.

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tracy Apr 11 508 views

How does one start their own company?

What steps should be taken

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Nicholas Apr 10 361 views

How can i pursue a career in technology??

I am looking for a career path in computer technology or AV

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Tyler Apr 09 561 views

As a high-school senior, how should I go about learning different specializations in Computer Science?

I'm someone who is currently a senior in high school. I spent time learning about programming (writing code using Python and Java) and web development (HTML, CSS) for four years. I love spending time with those topics, but I recently explored topics like machine learning and computer systems...

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maxwel Apr 08 690 views

what is the best buiness mangement style?

management tips

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Mahnoor Apr 05 354 views

What career should I choose as someone interested in chem and bio but apprehensive of medicine?

What career path can I choose as someone who is mainly interested in biology and chemistry but doesn't wanna do medicine?
I am currently finishing my O levels and contemplating on the subjects i will be taking in A levels.

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Daniel Apr 04 289 views

How can someone earn money?

like how to make more money every with side hustle without affecting ones carrer

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Thomas Apr 02 330 views

What are some emerging fields or industries that might be good to consider for future careers?

If you love nature and want to protect the environment, a career in renewable energy could be perfect for you! Start by learning about solar panels or wind turbines, and maybe even build your own mini solar-powered car or windmill. Is that so?

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Wendy Mar 29 560 views

Why is accounting one of the hardest major?

I am a junior in high school and would love to know more about accounting.

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natalie Mar 27 313 views

What are some high paying jobs in the medical field?

I want to go for something that will make me a lot of money

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Elaine Mar 27 253 views

How can I prepare for college?

I'll be graduating in a year or so, and I'd want to get some tips and advice on college readiness.

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CareerVillage Office Hours Mar 25 444 views

How to become an NFL Referee?

Lend your expertise: what does it take to become an NFL Referee?

Note: Given the growing interest in the professional sports field, we're inviting our experienced professionals to share their knowledge.

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Miley Mar 24 351 views

Why did you decide to be a Math Teacher?

I'm a high school student who is curious about what route I should take to become a Math Teacher and what grade levels I should teach.

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Bernard Mar 22 283 views

how to become a biologist?

best ways to be a biologist

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VICTOR Mar 21 414 views

How can i go on about my Finance skills; to become a good trader and analyze the market. I'd like to furthermore into the crypto world and know coins with potentials"?

I'm still a kid but interested in Finance..