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Ankeny, Iowa

Within 40 mile radius
Desiree’s Avatar
Desiree Apr 14 83 views

How do I decide on my major and college?

I declared my major as Social work but am considering pursuing communication studies with a minor in psych? I am currently enrolled in an out of state college for fall 2023 (public university) that offers in-state tuition! I registered for classes at the start of this month and declared my...

Melanie’s Avatar
Melanie Apr 11, 2022 571 views

As a woman have you ever felt discouraged going into a male dominated field?

As a woman wanting to go into a male dominated field I often find it scary thinking there won't be much women around me. Have you ever been discouraged from it? How did you deal with it?

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Nov 18, 2020 422 views

What alternative careers are there for graduating architecture students with GIS experience?

I have recently invested a lot of energy into learning ArcGIS pro and am interested in a career path that would utilize this skill. I think it would be really interesting to work with communities on digitizing historic data through GIS. What options are there available for me outside of...

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Nov 18, 2020 442 views

How can I get a job in cultural resource management?

As a graduate student studying Preservation and Cultural Heritage, I am really invested in the ethical stewardship of natural and historic resources. How can I get involved (beyond volunteering at my local SHPO office)? #GivingIsCaring #CulturalResourceManagement #student

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Aug 14, 2020 564 views

where do I start looking for my first time job?

I am in 11th grade and want to work at a game store #jobs

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Jul 17, 2020 434 views

Is it normal for a company to offer internship work without compensation?

I have seen some job posting for intern work online that indicates applicants should expect little to no compensation for their efforts, and may not be credited in the final projects.. basically all we would get is experience? It sounds like a scam, how can companies do that? #work #internships...

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Jul 17, 2020 402 views

How can I become part of an archival admissions team?

Some of peers that graduated with B.Archs have gone on to work in museum admissions offices for archival teams. This is a line of work that very much interests me but I have no idea how I would maneuver my professional path towards that direction. Most of my classmates who were able to secure...

Anna’s Avatar
Anna May 20, 2020 1105 views

What's a good minor to accompany a dance major looking to open her own studio after college?

Hey! I am a competitive dancer and plan to major in dance. I am a 2021 high school senior and interested in getting a business or kinesiology minor as well. I also love organizing and decorating and have considered possibly minoring in interior decorating. Any advice?? Thank you!! #dance...

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Jul 08, 2019 787 views

Is a Masters worth it for unlicensed Architects

Is getting a #Masters degree (in Historic Preservation) worth the time, money, and effort following an undergrad in #architecture if I don’t intend to pursue licensure? It’s my understanding that as an Architectural Designer, I may be taken more seriously with a Masters degree as well as the...

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jayme Apr 01, 2019 349 views

who does genetic councilors work with

#genetic #councilors #work #with

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jayme Apr 01, 2019 520 views

what do genetic councilors usually do?

#genetic #counseling #workday

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jayme Apr 01, 2019 323 views

whats the basic day of a genetic councilor?

#genetic #councilor

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Karynne Mar 27, 2019 352 views

What are the most important skills I need to know?

What are the most important things I'll need to know for a career in Architectural Drafting?
#career #architcture

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Karynne Mar 27, 2019 368 views

Did you ever want to give up & pursue something else?

#architecture #career

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Karynne Mar 27, 2019 346 views

What sort of classes do you need to take?

I want to pursue a career in Architecture and would like to know what sort of classes and I should look into for the near future. #architecture #futurecareer

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