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Bedford, Massachusetts

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Kylie 19 hours ago 67 views

What college majors are recommended for someone who wants to further their sustainable horticulture education past a tech school?

What college majors are recommended for someone who wants to further their sustainable horticulture education past a tech school? I want to go to college and further my education but I cannot find a Major that appeals to me.

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Brody yesterday 133 views

Опитвам се да си намеря работа в Холдън?

Опитвам се да си намеря работа в Холдън, но изглежда не мога да намеря. Някой има ли идеи?
Всяка информация ще помогне. Благодаря ви предварително

- Броуди

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Brody yesterday 14 views

Trying to ask a question as a teacher

How can a teacher ask questions? I'm just wondering because someone I know is a teacher and is frustrated because he can ask any questions! Thank you in advance!

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Bella Sep 15 73 views

How do you start the process of getting into scholarships?

I would like to go for education but I may not have the funds for college. How would i start getting scholarships?

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Ashagre Sep 12 68 views

How do you fix a world that has been tuned upside down?

I've always wanted to change the world whether that's by inventing something that will help the world or by finding a career that lets me help people and give hope and second chances in life witch is why I wanna study law and order so I can fight and protect what I believe is right and...

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Julien Sep 09 217 views

Why do people go to school?

I believe people to go to school to get a diploma, to prove people that they finish high school or maybe the reason people go to school it's because they want to makes more money. People don't have to go to school to start investing though.

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Whanezby Sep 09 99 views

How can I start investing?

How can I start investing?

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Antonia Sep 08 53 views

What should I work on now if I am interested in a path to speech pathology?

Hello speech pathologists! I'm a current sophomore in high school and want to pursue a career as a speech pathologist. What would you recommend I do now to help me on this path? Extracurricular activities? Jobs? Internships?

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moe Sep 07 79 views

what are some of the benefits of construction?

id like to know what some benefits of being in the construction career

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moe Sep 07 61 views

what made you want to choose construction?

i am 20 years old in job corps and I'm interested in construction

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Rex Sep 01 64 views

Colleges Valuing Race?

Why do colleges value race so much?

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Aug 26 128 views

There are so many different computer and tech related jobs, how do I know which one I would like and what the difference is?

I was looking for computer and tech related jobs but got lost in how many jobs there were and now i'm really confused on what the difference is in all of them, I want to be a computer software programmer but I cant find much online about it, it always takes me to another job that's similar so...

Chentel’s Avatar
Chentel Aug 22 159 views

How do start the career process when comes to finding a job?

I don't what to have a career but I want start by just being able to get money. What I want to know how do I that and get a job?

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Rex Aug 21 89 views

Is race an aspect colleges look at when selecting students?

Looking for a good college.

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Geoffrey Aug 19 182 views

What should I know as a student planning on entering the industry as a computer science major?

I'm currently a high school junior who is planning on majoring in computer science once I am in college. Is there anything I should know before entering the workforce? Is there anything you want upcoming students to know?

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