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Career Questions tagged Career

Meghana’s Avatar
Meghana 41 mins ago

Can we find any paid or unpaid internships for students who lack the eligibility to work in the US?

I lack an EAD to work, but I am very interested to work partime.

Mohammed’s Avatar
Mohammed 1 hour ago

What job should I attempt to go for as a new Cybersecurity student?

Hi I'm new at UTS, and really would like to start of with a few jobs related within the Cybersecurity field. Any recommendations for someone who hasn't worked much in their lives would be much appreciated 🙂.

Ahkilah’s Avatar
Ahkilah 2 hours ago 17 views

Career advice for an MBA Graduate?

I am graduating with my MBA in management this Saturday! I am super excited but I am seeking advice on next steps. I don’t have much work experience, but I have lots to offer. Any suggestions for how someone like me can break through the barriers of entry level positions?

Edina’s Avatar
Edina 3 hours ago 12 views

Giveaway Question

What process is the best to ensure I find the right college that has a good reputation and good education and will ensure I will exceed and land a successful career?

VERONICA 3 hours ago 10 views

How do I secure great career opportunities overseas once I graduate #EOY22?

How do I secure great career opportunities overseas once I graduate? #EOY22

Vanessa’s Avatar
Vanessa 3 hours ago 7 views

How to pick a career?

How would you determine a career path when you have multiple dreams and goals?

Analba’s Avatar
Analba 4 hours ago 11 views

Psychology Questions

How long does it take to get a Psychology degree?

How can you start your own business in this field?

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah 13 hours ago 44 views

Deciding on a career

How do I decide which career to start with if I have multiple interests?

Liam’s Avatar
Liam 13 hours ago 10 views

What are three important things I should know about doing Animation as a career?

I am planning on starting a career in animation as I am an artist, and go to college for 5 years after leaving Job Corp. Anything I should consider?

Shamiya’s Avatar
Shamiya 2 days ago 84 views

Where should I Begin?

I am a student here in a training program. My trade is automotive but I truly want to earn a living (6figs) in human resources. I have a few starter questions below if you guys could help me understand better. What abilities or skills do I need to reach that pay grade and advance up the...

sheril’s Avatar
sheril 2 days ago 26 views

what are some tools that I'm supposed to be familiar with?

I want to be a carpenter and wok for the union.

David’s Avatar
David 2 days ago 40 views

To any lawyer i have a two question

What made you do this this Career? and What did you do to prepare for this career?

nicole’s Avatar
nicole 2 days ago 57 views

What made you do this Career?

What was your motivation? What education and/or training helped prepare you for this job? What is the working environment like? When did you decide to pick that career and why? How often do you get paid? What classes would you recommend to take?

Austyn’s Avatar
Austyn 2 days ago 32 views

How do you get started as a pilot ?

I know you have to take classes and training, but how do I get started with that? Who do I contact? Are there any recommended contacts/schools?

Grace’s Avatar
Grace 2 days ago 23 views

How do you choose what career you want to do in the graphic design/archatecture field?

is there a step by step way? or does it just work itself out?