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Computer and Mathematical Occupations
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Itzel Jun 09 324 views

what are your STEM career experiences?

Im really into math, physics, and computer science and its something I want to do when I'm older however I've never met someone in these fields besides teachers, so career wise I'm confused. Could some of you tell me about your careers and what you do? I want to see what would suit me.

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Fernando May 29 299 views

What is the difference between a bachelors and doctorates degree ?

What is the difference between an institute, a college, and a university?

Nicole’s Avatar
Nicole May 23 339 views

What are some tips for college?

I just finished my freshmen year of college and I am wondering how the next years will be. Should I be focused or worried about anything? I am also a Forensic Psychology major and I don't have a minor yet. Should I be thinking about minors?

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Emily May 19 201 views

What should I do to get colleges to notice me?

I've been wondering this recently, I've joined a few clubs as a way of community service, I have good grades, and I was thinking that I could submit some sort of music audition to get in, but I feel like there's more I can do.

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Chris May 08 221 views

How to find a perfect side hustle as a student?

Computer science student

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Josue May 15 696 views

What advice do you have for students who are passionate about software development but may feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of information and technologies to learn?

Some people might suggest staying focused or trying to divide your workload, but many individuals in the field still struggle with feelings of being overwhelmed by the ever-evolving nature of technology and the multitude of options available for specialization. Could you share any personal...

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Anderson May 13 190 views

How do I find a suitable career? Why do I find it hard to get a job related to child care? What should I do to make understanding my career easy?

What's the best way to find a career?
Why do I not see any job opportunities for this career?
What should I do to make my career fun to do?
How do I make a career choice?

Eric’s Avatar
Eric May 12 313 views

Game dev what can I do?

I want to do game development and coding what books and courses I would need in order to be successful.

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Nicole May 01 347 views

What inspired you?

I love to play the piano and I know that the passion and love I have for the instrument will spread and inspire others to follow their passions

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Md Apr 28 212 views

How should i choose my college?

I am a good student,I can study hard

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Damian Apr 22 562 views

what courses should I take for college to be a good real estate agent?

when I get my diploma I want to be a real estate agent but I want to go to college still so what courses should I take?

Lawrence’s Avatar
Lawrence Apr 22 440 views

How can I start to make digital animation?

I want to be a digital animator, but I don´t know how to start

Anneliese’s Avatar
Anneliese Apr 17 337 views

How do you keep yourself motivated to work in a stressful environment in Protective Services?

I often have a tough time focusing on my work when I am in a stressful environment and it is hard for me to get back on track when I have ADHD. what should I do?

Minwoo’s Avatar
Minwoo Apr 15 403 views

What do you look for in a job, and how do you know it is not a scam?

Even for internships, how do you know which ones are good and bad?

Stephen’s Avatar
Stephen Apr 13 394 views

How do I get into a college that is too expensive for me?

I almost a high school senior and would like to get ahead of the college process.?