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Annika Apr 17 137 views

What do you do when you're overwhelmed?

Like, how do you manage it?

Audrey’s Avatar
Audrey Apr 16 174 views

Will college put you into debt?

Is college really worth it if people are still paying things off even when they’re in their 50s?

stephanie’s Avatar
stephanie Apr 11 400 views

How to sell yourself in the interview and ask questions in a short interview?

I have an interview coming up and they told me instead of 30 mins they are really booked up and it will be shortened to 15,20 mins only. How can I really make a good impression on that time instead of the 30 minutes I would've had.

Montana’s Avatar
Montana Apr 10 299 views

Why does every job listing seem fake, never respond, or always seems to be going for people with 15+ years of experience?

Job applying tips, anything helps. I'd prefer something in any remote field, but it seems anything available is swiped up immediately or out of my experience range when it's just customer service.

raymond’s Avatar
raymond Apr 04 306 views

What should I do now i dont wanna go to school anymore buh my parents keep insisting so what now ? tell me your honest opinion thanks?

JUST NEED to prove to my parents that school aint worth it
ive pitched some ideas to my parents they dont listen

Charlotte’s Avatar
Charlotte Apr 03 703 views

What is a successful Career ?

Hi, my name is Charlotte. I'm 14 years old grade 10th student. I want to have a successful Career but I don't even know what a successful Career is.

Sakura’s Avatar
Sakura Apr 02 353 views

Rejected of two rounds of applications and interviews for Counseling Practicum?

I am a master's student in Art therapy and Marriage and Family Therapy. Our program requires more than 750 hours and requires at least 500 of those hours to use art therapy with clients; the rest can be talk therapy. So, there are limited practicum sites that I can apply for. There are limited...

Charlie’s Avatar
Charlie Mar 29 255 views

What is the minimum GPA to get into a criminal-justice based internship?

I personally am interested in law, more specifically criminal-justice and serving as an agent in the FBI one day.

Zora’s Avatar
Zora Mar 28 481 views

What skill is useful in all job spaces?

I want to make a good impression

miyana’s Avatar
miyana Mar 27 282 views

What are the requirements to be a High school english teacher?

I've been searching google but nothing is giving me a clear answer.

ella’s Avatar
ella Mar 27 477 views

How do I manage my time better?

What is the best way to manage your time? I am a student athlete and I play 2 high school and 2 club sports. I currently have a 3.6 gpa which is good but I feel stressed all of the time during the sports season because I feel like I never have time to study or get homework done. I am also a...

AMYT’s Avatar
AMYT Mar 27 415 views

Where do i post my first game?

I have an idea for a visual novel game, and i am in the proces of making it. one major concern i have is where should i post the game? i am worried that some sites will cost money to put it out there.

Jolin’s Avatar
Jolin Mar 27 279 views

How much money does an accountant earn after working for a decade?

I am debating this career choice, but I want to make sure there is a future in this field.

Dana’s Avatar
Dana Mar 27 219 views

How do you get hired with no experience when there are others applying who are experienced?

How does that ever happen?

Julissa’s Avatar
Julissa Mar 27 272 views

How can I stay motivated?

After studying for so long, and I will keep going after high-school how should I stay motivated? How do I overcome obstacles?