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Rory Lall

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Valley Stream, New York
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Emmanuel May 10 350 views

How do i start learning about cybersecurity?

I really need help

Jazaria’s Avatar
Jazaria May 10 261 views

what are some scholarships for data analyst/business analysis major/ programs I need to look into?

hi I have been looking for scholarships and programs but I haven't been able to find any.

fabian’s Avatar
fabian May 09 417 views

is working hard the most important thing in life?

is it working hard

Bluv’s Avatar
Bluv May 09 433 views

How to find Investors?

How can i find investors for my 80% monthly gain forex trading setup. Has been working for over 2months perfectly but i need more capital to increase the profit value and to share my opinion with other investors too

Diego’s Avatar
Diego May 08 191 views

what skills are most important for a psychologist? If someone were considering a profession in psychology, what advice would you provide them?

I am a high school student who is trying to figure out more about how to become a psychologist.

ruby’s Avatar
ruby May 07 563 views

what do i have to save to go to college?

how much money do i have to save to go to college

adegoke’s Avatar
adegoke May 06 391 views

what kind of suit should I pursuit if I like all science courses like chemistry biology and physics?

i love science subject like chemistry biology and physics my mom told me to go for medicine but am stuck on what to do exactly in the institution because I hate seeing cut

Austin’s Avatar
Austin May 06 241 views

What lab internships are available in the Durham / Raleigh area?

Looking for any lab experience does not have to be paid.

Frederic’s Avatar
Frederic May 06 348 views

How should I prepare for the LSAT ?

I want to go into law and I want to prepare myself ahead of time as a sophomore In college on what to do to get a head start on both for the Bar Exam and LSAT

Max’s Avatar
Max May 06 515 views

What tech path should I pursue?

What tech path should I pursue?

I love solving riddles
I love complex problems
I do not like coding
I'm pretty good at mathematics
I like making research

daniel’s Avatar
daniel May 06 521 views

what is the best financial planning modes?

finance tips

Alexander’s Avatar
Alexander May 02 386 views

How long do I need to practice to see improvement?

I play guitar and when I get home I play for a hour and a couple of times during the day.

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Apr 30 591 views

What should I study to be a good vet tech?

I really want to be a vet tech and I wanna start studying now

sameerah’s Avatar
sameerah Apr 30 388 views

what does it take to be a child therapist?

I want to be a child therapist, I go to school for education and psychology

valarie’s Avatar
valarie Apr 30 701 views

best source to learn ai and programming?

best source to learn ai and programming?