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Sean’s Avatar
Sean Jan 01, 2017 760 views

What would be the best way to mix Business and Computer Science interests?

I'm currently interested in majoring in both of them and am wondering how I would be able to mix the two of them. #college #computer-science #business #career #career-choice

Catherine’s Avatar
Catherine Apr 03, 2018 525 views

How do I start to learn how to program?

Computer science is important in all jobs and aspects of life, but I don't know where to start when it comes to learning how to program. #computer-science #computer-programming

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Oct 31, 2016 626 views

What kinds of jobs could you do if you major in computer engineering?

I am trying to decide between computer engineering and computer science. What's the difference? #computer-science #computer-programming

Jordyn’s Avatar
Jordyn Apr 24, 2018 865 views

Computer science vs Cybersecurity BS?

My school offers a BS in Computer Science and a BS in Cybersecurity. No specializations, they are their own separate BS degrees. They offer similar classes in the beginning, but then change and become more focused near the end. I am wanting to know, if anyone knows, what each field is like? For...

Patrick’s Avatar
Patrick Jan 23, 2018 638 views

Will computer science and learning java be essential in the next 5 years?

I am taking computer science now at my high school, and I have been told that it is a very necessary skill. How important is this skill? #technology #coding #computerscience

Kemi’s Avatar
Kemi Jan 08, 2017 750 views

How hard is object-oriented programming without prior experience?

I'll be starting my first CS class this coming semester and I'm just wondering if I would be fine in the class without any prior programming experience. #computer-science

Nigel’s Avatar
Nigel May 18, 2016 678 views

I'm trying to pursue a career in computer science and was wondering what is the best website to learn more about this subject?

I am a senior about to graduate from high school. I've already been accepted into college and will pursue attaining a degree in computer science. #computer #school #programming

sakar’s Avatar
sakar May 30, 2016 859 views

Can I get a Computer related jobs without out a degree?

Many of my friends have dropped out of a college, and started doing an IT project or temporary job. I was wondering will that help them in their long-term career. #engineer #computer #undergraduate #programmer

Augusta’s Avatar
Augusta Jan 19, 2018 767 views

What are some steps that I can take to become a White Hacker?

I am almost done with my undergraduate degree in Applied Computing Technology (Computer Science and Business) and I wanted to know if there are steps I should take to right now to make it into this profession. Thank you.#technology #tech #information-technology...

Jacqueline’s Avatar
Jacqueline Jan 16, 2018 1225 views

Do you expect the number of women in cyber security to increase ?

Cyber security has a gender problem. There’s only 11% of women in the cyber security workforce #technology #information-technology-and-services #information-technology

Joey’s Avatar
Joey Mar 20, 2018 443 views

What is more important, a degree or networking?

They say its not what you know, but who you this just a saying or is there more truth to it than I think? #networking

Charles’s Avatar
Charles Jan 21, 2018 639 views

What are some tips to navigating a computer science career?

I am high school senior and I plan on pursuing a degree in computer science. I hope to find a job as a computer programmer after college. What are some tips and things I should try to do in order to increase my chances of getting a job after graduating? #computer-science