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Corona, California

Within 40 mile radius
Ivette A.’s Avatar
Ivette A. Aug 31, 2020 243 views

.. I never finished high school and would like to get into real estate,, should I take certain math courses or any other courses to get started?

Im Stay at home Mom, for quite sum time. .Doubtful, tho I know I have potential. . Trying to get myself into a profession where I can possibly make good money. No clue where to start. No high school diploma....


Balveer S.’s Avatar
Balveer S. Dec 10, 2021 114 views

What is needed to become a Orthopedic Surgeon

So Im a 11th grade student, im in a medical program at school which gets me more help and more experience on what gets me to a position on where I need to be. medical-school medicine healthcare...


Vanessa L.’s Avatar
Vanessa L. Dec 10, 2021 141 views

what is most difficult part as a nurse?

I am very passionate about helping people nurse nursing nurse-practitioner medicine...


Sophia  D.’s Avatar
Sophia D. Mar 23, 2015 669 views

What Career would I pursue if I double major in English and Chicano studies?

I love to write so I figured to major in English. I want to be a writer but also somewhat of an activist that awakens awareness in society about a plethora of issues/topics. Chicano studies is a major/minor that got my attention. It provides insight on latino/Mexican culture.I figured that...

english chicano-studies activist journalism counselor

Kevin H.’s Avatar
Kevin H. Jan 07 40 views

What is a television reporter a explanation oh what they do and what dose a day in life of one look like?

Its my first time using this website and my first question would be what dose a day in life of a television reporter really look like in the real world? Another thing is that what is a television reporter and what do they do? Television...

Sky E.’s Avatar
Sky E. Dec 16, 2021 64 views

How to know what program is best for becoming an Art Therapist?

I am currently in High School looking for colleges and programs for my intended major. #...


Alex G.’s Avatar
Alex G. Dec 10, 2021 131 views

What advice would you recommend to someone aspiring to be a teacher?

I'm in 11th grade and want to be a history or social studies teacher one day. Any advice for someone still in high school? education...


salvador M.’s Avatar
salvador M. Jan 04 61 views

what was the process in attaining a position as a web administrator/developer?

Starting my training at job corps and want more information about the computer tech industry....


Elbe B.’s Avatar
Elbe B. Apr 15, 2021 241 views

How do I know what I want to go to collage for

There are 3 main careers I want but don't know how to choose. I want to be a Actor, Teacher, or Lawyer. teacher educators theatre students...


Omar B.’s Avatar
Omar B. May 24, 2016 452 views

Is becoming a doctor extremely stressful and are taking student loans beneficial in the long run?

I am asking this question because I will be applying to college soon and I'm highly interested in pursuing a medical career. college doctor science medicine biology...


Michael C.’s Avatar
Michael C. Dec 16, 2021 116 views

I want to be a law enforcement officer when I'm older. I'm going to graduate high school soon and want to go straight to a 4 year college. To become a police officer, what mindset should I have when reaching for this goal?

I'm a good listener in general. I am producted every day, learning new things and smart enough to know when I'm wrong. My passion is helping people and listening to them and understanding them....


Briana C.’s Avatar
Briana C. Oct 27, 2020 229 views

How do I become a OBGYN?

What types of degrees would I need to begin my path for nursing? How much money would all of this cost? Lastly how long would residency be for and are you able to be an internship at a hospital? veterinary money scholarships...


Ireland M.’s Avatar
Ireland M. Dec 16, 2021 77 views

What is the hardest part about being a theatre teacher.

I want to be a theatre teacher/director in the future. I'm not sure what grade I would want to teach yet, but I know that I want theatre to be a part of my life. teacher...


Myles S.’s Avatar
Myles S. Dec 10, 2021 124 views

What are easy jobs to earn money to prepare and pay for college tuition?

I am a junior in California who wants to be a teacher. # teacher education money teaching...


Madi B.’s Avatar
Madi B. Jan 16, 2018 560 views

Is it really my dream job?

There are so many career options available but how do I know if I’ve chosen the right one before actually starting to work? I plan on majoring in chemistry because I’ve always loved science, but I’m worried that, even though there are lots of careers through that major, I might not love it...

jobs careers

Natalia A.’s Avatar
Natalia A. Dec 10, 2021 179 views

What is the process to become an investment fund manager?

I have communication skills and I enjoy doing math. I personally find math easy and fun. math...


Carlee M.’s Avatar
Carlee M. Dec 16, 2021 101 views

What kind of struggles can I expect when trying to be a psychologist? Is the career worth it in the end after all the hard work?

I know I really want to help people when I get older but I know that it will cost a lot of money to go through all the schooling and want to make sure this choice is right for me. psychology...


Grace M.’s Avatar
Grace M. May 17, 2016 740 views

Are there specific jobs that guarantee insurance?

I want to work as a Stereoscopic 3D animator for a large company like Lightstorm Entertainment. I am considered about my health care and dental insurance when I receive this job and am wondering if there are specific guidelines companies are required to meet for their employees? art...

graphic-designer insurance stereoscopic

Lauren S.’s Avatar
Lauren S. Mar 20, 2018 1603 views

Is it too late to be involved in extracurricular activities HS Junior Year?

I remember when I was just an upcoming freshman at my high school and I was eager to get involved with my school and the community around me. However... I'm getting more and more stressed out on one area where colleges/universities like to see in their applications: extracurriculars. I haven't...

extracurriculars college-admissions uci

SphillipsNFTEAM .’s Avatar
SphillipsNFTEAM . Jan 20, 2012 1621 views

How did you decide e steps that you needed to peruse your passion of music?

I'm a soft more in high school and I want to peruse a career in music . I actually want to become a music producer because I love music . I also love to create avesta so this is the kind of job I would want to persue....


erika Z.’s Avatar
erika Z. Oct 17, 2019 270 views

What made you wan to pursue your current career?

I am currently in training to become an Medical Administrative Assistant and would like to know a few things before I continue with my training. healthcare medicine administrative assistant...


Erick S.’s Avatar
Erick S. May 21, 2016 959 views

Computer Science what to do to get ahead

Hi I am a high school graduate entering UCSB in the fall for computer science. I was wondering what kind of things I could do over the summer in order to be better prepared for my major in the fall? computer-science...