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Fabrizio C.’s Avatar
Fabrizio C. Oct 27, 2016 674 views

What is the average day of a mechanical engineer?

I want to explore my options as to what type of engineering field I would like to pursue....


Cristian G.’s Avatar
Cristian G. May 27, 2016 540 views

For an engineering profession, will an engineer be required to have taken the FE Exam? (Fundamentals of Engineering)

Im a chemical engineering student in my senior year and my advisor said that if i take the FE exam, i wont have to take a engineering elective but i have seen a FE practice exam and i haven't taken the proper class that i will be taking until my last semester. I would like to know if in the...

engineer exam career engineering

Derek S.’s Avatar
Derek S. Oct 07 72 views
camila A.’s Avatar
camila A. Oct 07 56 views

what do you study for computer science

so far im liking it but i want to know more about it and see what comes next #...


Nada D.’s Avatar
Nada D. Dec 18, 2016 519 views

Who are some people I can talk to about everything that has to do with IB?

I want someone I can depend on who can tell me how an IB education works, what are the benefits, is the time that it takes up worth it, etc. high-school-classes ib-diploma...


Brooke H.’s Avatar
Brooke H. May 15, 2016 564 views

What major would I have if I wanted to become an actuary and what universities would I want to go to for that career path?

I am interested in learning more about how to become an actuary because I am unsure of my future career path. actuarial-science...


Zoe N.’s Avatar
Zoe N. Oct 06 25 views

what major should to become a forensic pathologist?

I know it needs to be a science major but what science major is best to start with...


Kelly T.’s Avatar
Kelly T. May 03, 2019 200 views

How can I use my resources better.

How and other ideas....


Maria R.’s Avatar
Maria R. Jun 25, 2016 505 views

I enjoy kids, and would love to work with children although I also enjoy makeup but have no clue where I should start.

I'm an upcoming senior with absolutely no clue on what I will do after high school. I have in mind some careers I'd like to persue but don't know exactly how to decide or where and how to start. psychology teaching...


Abhisri D.’s Avatar
Abhisri D. Sep 08 130 views

GWC: Where can I get an instructor for Girls Who Code Club at my school?

HI I am in the process of setting up the GWC Club at my school. Is there anyway we can have an Instructor (Online) who can guide us in coding at the club? That will be more helpful to be productive in the club. Any advice will be helpful. information-technology computer-software...

computer-engineering technology computer tech

Alyssa D.’s Avatar
Alyssa D. Jun 29 162 views

Is a sociology degree helpful for public relations?

Hi, My name is Alyssa. I am a 25-year-old student who is almost ready to transfer to a communication university to finish my bachelor's. I currently will hold 2 AAs in communication studies and sociology. My goal is to work with the public ultimately. I want to help with charitable campaigns,...

sociology law public-relations

Elliott V.’s Avatar
Elliott V. Jan 05, 2017 721 views

Will working jobs outside of the field Im majoring in be beneficial to my career in the long run?

I want to become a psychologist but the work available to me has nothing to do with psychology. Can working at target or safeway while im in college help further my career? college psychology art higher-education politics...


Crystal A.’s Avatar
Crystal A. Jul 27 115 views

I want to become a Licensed Midwife, but don’t know where to start?

I am currently going into my second year of college this upcoming fall semester as a Biology major. I wanted to become a doctor, but got conflicted. After taking time to reflect on my future and what I ACTUALLY want, I’ve decided to go into the Midwifery route! I am attending a community...

college midwifery

Eileen E.’s Avatar
Eileen E. Sep 19 56 views

What do I need to do to become a dental hygienist?

It’s my last year of high school. I’ve really been wanting to become one dental...


Jacob B.’s Avatar
Jacob B. Oct 08, 2019 254 views

What does a typical day look like in this field?

I am currently in Long Beach Job Corp, and will be studying automotive. I have a few weeks to see if I am still interested in this field, and if not, I can switch to a different field. I just want to know what a typical day looks like. automotive engineering...


nora A.’s Avatar
nora A. Jun 08, 2016 575 views

A.A in Journalism, B.A in Comm?

Hello, I am currently completing my general education classes in city college and I was planning to take additional classes to complete the Communications program as well, however, I've always had an interest for writing. My ultimate career goal is to work in editing. I have done my research...

communications journalism

Tom S.’s Avatar
Tom S. Apr 30, 2014 925 views

What's a normal day on the job for a mathematician?

I love math and i'm good at finding patterns so i was looking to be a mathematician. But every answer i've seen is confusing to me. Can you help me out? jobs math...


Nada D.’s Avatar
Nada D. Dec 26, 2016 688 views

How do you apply to a job when you don't have any job experience whatsoever?

I am looking for a job that is compatible with high school and its workload but accepts people with no job experience as a way to gain some. jobs high-school-students entry-level...


Joannacodman2 .’s Avatar
Joannacodman2 . Sep 07, 2012 2626 views

Where can I learn more about investment-banking ?

i an in 10th grade and i am trying to find out more ways to learn about being an investment-banker and i would like to find out more ways to learn. finance...


avery R.’s Avatar
avery R. Oct 21, 2016 566 views

What was the most helpful part of high school or college that helped you transition into your career?

How was your experience from school going to work? How did you get the career and was it rough or hard making this transition?...


giovanni M.’s Avatar
giovanni M. Aug 31 94 views

I am unsure and haven't made my mind up to many choices....

how do I narrow down results on a big spectrum such as cooking... cooking...


Mimi A.’s Avatar
Mimi A. Jan 25 242 views
Clayton H.’s Avatar
Clayton H. May 13, 2016 2727 views

Mechanical engineering vs electrical engineering?

I plan to major in mechanical but I just want to know about electrical too, because I am thinking about double majorin . mechanical-engineer...


Briana C.’s Avatar
Briana C. Oct 27, 2020 182 views

How do I become a OBGYN?

What types of degrees would I need to begin my path for nursing? How much money would all of this cost? Lastly how long would residency be for and are you able to be an internship at a hospital? veterinary money scholarships...


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