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Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Within 40 mile radius
Asive Q.’s Avatar
Asive Q. Apr 13 147 views

How can you be an accountant?

I am a student at Walter Sisulu University and I am holding a National Higher Certificate in Accountancy and National Diploma in Accounting. My majors are Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Business Information Systems and Taxation.

Samantha W.’s Avatar
Samantha W. Nov 21, 2021 343 views

is there any career choices for a bipolar person

i was wondering is there any way of a bipolar person get a job and if there's any choice what would be it #career-choice #career #job

nicola V.’s Avatar
nicola V. Nov 04, 2021 224 views

can I become a CSI on 18 years old?

# #criminal-justice

nicola V.’s Avatar
nicola V. Nov 07, 2021 163 views

how can we become a actor/ actress

#actor #acting #actors #theatre

Kerisha N.’s Avatar
Kerisha N. Jul 27, 2021 282 views

Any advice on career prospects for Precision Medicine or Pharmaceutical Sciences

Hi everyone, so earlier this year I mentioned trying to change industries from chemical engineering to something else and got some great feedback here. I've always been interested in the medical field so I have been looking at doing a Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences or in Precision Medicine...

nicola V.’s Avatar
nicola V. Nov 01, 2021 215 views

what protocals does a CSI require to follow?

I want to study to become a CSI in criminal justice in grade 10 but I don't know which subjects to take. Can someone please direct me into the right direction?
#criminal-justice #law #college

phoebe R.’s Avatar
phoebe R. Jul 22, 2021 228 views

How long did it take you to study? Did you have to go on internship?

What did you need to study in school?
What other jobs can you with marine biologist certificate #marine-biology #biology

Noluthando M.’s Avatar
Noluthando M. Nov 20, 2021 201 views

Which jobs are available to do part time

#job #job-search

kingsley M.’s Avatar
kingsley M. Dec 26, 2021 129 views

i just started coding and wanna computer science in general ,but i suck at math any advise

intrested in the world #CHangeyourways

nicola V.’s Avatar
nicola V. Nov 03, 2021 144 views

how can we choose our subjects in grade 10?

I am still uncertain which subjects to take. #professional

nicola V.’s Avatar
nicola V. Nov 17, 2021 165 views

can I do a internship as a CSI if I'm still in school?


nicola V.’s Avatar
nicola V. Nov 05, 2021 188 views

what universities offer courses to become a CSI?

#university #CSI

nicola V.’s Avatar
nicola V. Oct 31, 2021 188 views

what subjects do we need to become a CSI in a police force?


Aphile N.’s Avatar
Aphile N. Jun 24, 2021 149 views

What required for radio presenter?m

I'm like exploring,try new things ,world wide ...easy to talk to .. I'm people's person n self motivated

Keshari P.’s Avatar
Keshari P. Feb 19, 2021 433 views

I'm not sure what majors I should take. It's between finance and economics or finance and marketing.

I don't know which two would be better suited together and in the job field.

#finance #economics #marketing #career

Lucky R.’s Avatar
Lucky R. Aug 31, 2019 289 views

What is the most important thing that u have u do to become a professional lawyer

I'm a kind,intelligent,passionate and I love team work because I believe that nothing beat up many ideas #lawyer

melissa J.’s Avatar
melissa J. Dec 15, 2020 375 views

where can i find a job for the holidays

i am looking for a holiday job.
i enjoy working with people

Jardil M.’s Avatar
Jardil M. Jun 19, 2021 180 views

How much does a airline pilots earn pe year

Im lusanda from phoenix Brookdale doing grd 10

The dream I want to achieve is to be an pilots I'm dark skinned ,kind ,shy I'm 15 years old #pilot

amina A.’s Avatar
amina A. Jan 08, 2021 244 views

can a foriegner audition


ngimphiwe M.’s Avatar
ngimphiwe M. Jun 08, 2021 307 views

how to be an astrophysicist

i want to be an astrophysicist it better to be your self so i want to be me . #education

Myezo L.’s Avatar
Myezo L. May 05, 2021 368 views

What entry requirements for culinary school


Mangcitshane M.’s Avatar
Mangcitshane M. Apr 18, 2021 167 views

Is #Bachelor of Social Science Degree Useful when you majoring with Economic, Industrial Psychology and Management?? Can I get job after degree

I am first year #student who want to be in Business field once graduated

Amanda G.’s Avatar
Amanda G. Mar 18, 2021 276 views

Can I go pilot shadowing in South Africa?

#pilot #career

Sinenhlanhla D.’s Avatar
Sinenhlanhla D. Mar 09, 2021 340 views

training jobs

i am looking forward for my career ,i am willing tol earn new skills #career-development

Emmanuel M.’s Avatar
Emmanuel M. Jul 30, 2020 310 views

Educational changes predicitons

The 4th industrial revolution is upon us (or so we're told and everything is changing). While there's always been requirement for careers to adapt and an expectation for schooling systems to follow it's been mostly infrastructural changes with little delivery and duration changes. How can...

Kwazi G.’s Avatar
Kwazi G. Mar 30, 2021 304 views

What relevant documents are required?

I have a larger than life personality.I enjoy interacting with people.I work best under pressure as it's where I thrive best.I always have willingness to learn new I have the ability to adapt quickly to new a environment. #company

Olwethu M.’s Avatar
Olwethu M. Feb 07, 2021 196 views

Can I get a weekend job

I'm a flexible person, I work hard I take time with what I do Yess I know I'm still young but I really need a job I have a baby that I need to support I only live wit my granny my parents past away I'm begging yall to give me this job #job

Smangaliso R.’s Avatar
Smangaliso R. Feb 14, 2021 279 views

How can you work with people who did not understand the way you're ?

I'm very shy person slender, like to communicate with people and I have stammers, hard worker… that's all I can say yet about me. #motivation #work #helping-others

zethembiso Z.’s Avatar
zethembiso Z. Mar 09, 2021 110 views

what is the best school i can go to in America be a good vetenerian

my name is zethembiso ncube and im 14 years old but people call me zee im a very friendly person and love people i like exploring things and i love playing soccer as well as vollyball #school

Rehana M.’s Avatar
Rehana M. Jan 13, 2021 168 views

What subjects are needed to become a pedestrian

I'm a very open person. I've always found becoming a doctor or pedestrian amazing. And I would love to make my dream come true #medical-school

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