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Temecula, California

Within 40 mile radius
Liliana’s Avatar
Liliana Jul 08 498 views

What college classes are you supposed to take in order to become an Art Teacher?

I have been researching numerous articles on how to become an art teacher, but I am not sure what classes you need to take in college.

Oscar’s Avatar
Oscar Jul 07 196 views

I need to talk to a commercial airline pilot to find out what is the path I need to take to became a pilot?

I need to talk to a commercial airline pilot to find out what is the path I need to take to became a pilot

Keira’s Avatar
Keira Jun 17 487 views

New start up in Science Field.

Hello all, I am a sophomore pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in biochemistry (Medicinal Chemistry), I'm exploring potential career paths within the scientific field. My current role as a certified nursing assistant has provided valuable clinical experience, but I'm now interested in identifying...

Travis’s Avatar
Travis Jun 17 360 views

How did you find what you wanted to do in college or how did you find the major you wanted to do when you went to college?

I just want to know the right way to find my major and from different people perspective on how they chose there major and career path.

Brock’s Avatar
Brock May 29 424 views

How should I spend/save my money as an 18-year-old in the US military?

I'm almost a year in the service and I still don't have a credit card or a vehicle.

addison’s Avatar
addison May 22 317 views

where can i get the best film maker in college?

filming tips

Deanna’s Avatar
Deanna May 22 455 views

What colleges have majors that would help me to become a programmer?

What colleges have majors that would help me to become a programmer?

Yasmin’s Avatar
Yasmin May 21 284 views

What are some colleges that will help me get a degree in forensic scientist?

in California

Breanna’s Avatar
Breanna May 17 447 views

Are there any medical professionals that I can interview quickly?

I have to interview any kind of doctor/ healthcare worker for an English paper in my class, so I’d greatly appreciate a few answers to include in my assignment: 1) please tell me about your educational and professional background, and why you wanted to go into the medical field. 2) what are...

Hugo’s Avatar
Hugo May 15 457 views

People who work in the field of statistics, what are some fun things you got to do for your jobs??

I'm a first-year college student and it's almost the end of the school year. Over the summer I would like to work on a project and I have a few fun ideas I would like to try out. I asked this question to see if my ideas could relate to others.

Hugo’s Avatar
Hugo May 15 231 views

What was your last quarter of freshman year at college or any year like?

Like others on Reddit, I feel very burnt out for the last quarter of the school year. My way to cope with this quarter was to have a snack while doing homework to distract me from my energy levels. Sometimes I take a longer walk back to my dorm for a longer break. This quarter happens to be...

LAURA’s Avatar
LAURA May 12 370 views

How do I get started as a nurse with different experiences?

I used to want to be a pharmacist. I graduated a four year university and my grades weren't that good so I need to go to community college to retake some classes. I finally got a job as a pharmacy clerk after 3 years of unemployment after graduation, and I'm also a pharmacy volunteer at a...

Richard’s Avatar
Richard May 03 528 views

What is the day in the life of a Business Analyst?

Hello all, I'm back again asking another question. I decided to purse a career in Business Analytics, although in the future it could change. I have dipped my toes into the analytics world by partaking in an externship. I am now wondering if this career is right for me. Some questions that I...

Paul’s Avatar
Paul Apr 26 356 views

How to further my studies after studying Edu in Physics?

Any tips on how to go about it

Delavina’s Avatar
Delavina Apr 24 277 views

I am thinking about becoming a Forensic Psychiatrist, What are the steps to get there?

I am in 10th grade and I know I want to go into the psychiatry field. I am interested in mental health, and helping others. I want to understand the behavior that causes people to commit crimes.

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