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Naomi’s Avatar
Naomi Nov 30, 2022 470 views

Could you please help with these interview questions?

I'm conducting an interview with professionals. Please submit your name, age, job title, duties, education, and advice for others attempting to work in your field.

Satyam’s Avatar
Satyam Nov 29, 2022 390 views

Where and how to start my career and learning in digital marketing and management positions?


I'm really interest in marketing and would like to help out in digital marketing, communication, administrations position on whatever way possible.


Samuel’s Avatar
Samuel Nov 28, 2022 1019 views

For my resume about technology, what more skills can I add?

My skills in my resume include communication, research, experience, and basic knowledge of HTML. I feel like I need to add more skills, what are some extras that may relate to the tech job resume?

Karlin’s Avatar
Karlin Nov 29, 2022 357 views

How can I land a job that I thoroughly enjoy after college?

I need to commit myself to working as hard as possible. I believe the more time I put into something the better I get and anything that I do to be productive can only help me in the future. So definitely trying to be as productive as possible.

Elina’s Avatar
Elina Nov 29, 2022 585 views

How can I improve my college resume during my junior year?

Currently looking to strengthen my application for college.

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Nov 23, 2022 267 views

If you could would you change your career ?

If you had the opportunity would you change your profession to something else.

Roman’s Avatar
Roman Nov 10, 2022 385 views

Day In the life

What does a day look like for a meteorologist? What kind of work is done before airing on television or before the start of a day?

Lonnie’s Avatar
Lonnie Nov 16, 2022 395 views

What is your average day like as a security guard?

As well As what a full-time day job as security would be and feel like for you! Please and thank you

Thaddeus’s Avatar
Thaddeus Nov 21, 2022 508 views

What is the most vital part of the experience or working knowledge on a resume?

I've recently been making my essay and most of my experience is entirely from being self-taught, is that okay or should I frame it as having a working knowledge?

Adonis’s Avatar
Adonis Nov 21, 2022 721 views

How many pages should my resume be? What style should I format my resume in? What file type should I use for my online resume?

I have been wondering about these two questions for a while and would like professional answers, thank you kindly.

genesis’s Avatar
genesis Nov 18, 2022 515 views

Becoming a police officer for a proffession?

What did you do to prepare to go into the criminal justice field?
When did you know this is what you wanted to do?
What was a good course in college you took to help prepare you?
How do you become an officer?

SaraKate’s Avatar
SaraKate Nov 03, 2022 398 views

lnterior Design?

What is interior design?

tequon’s Avatar
tequon Nov 03, 2022 368 views

flip houses ?

how did youj flip houses and make profit how to make alot of money

Sage’s Avatar
Sage Nov 03, 2022 696 views

How can I pick a job that makes a lot of money that I also enjoy ?

I want to make a lot of money but at the same time I want to find a job that I enjoy doing but I don't see that happening too often. I also don't know how to pick a collage or what to look for in one.

Lori’s Avatar
Lori Nov 03, 2022 533 views

why have a career when you can make one at home?

why do people think having a perfectional career is all people can do or want in life? to be honest I want to be a housewife I want to stay home and take care of my house and my baby because that is a job as well as all these other ones that were listed.