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San Francisco, California
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I want a creative job that uses my talents to communicate the right images to the public



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Ellie Apr 27, 2023 466 views

How do I become an illustrator?

I am currently a high school student who is about to start a bachelor's in communications in the fall. I don't know if a communications degree is relevant to illustration and art, but I have always wondered about the possibilities of working in something creative like this. How could I become...

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Ellie Apr 15, 2023 495 views

How do I improve my focus?

I am a high school jr who is taking some difficult college courses from a local university. The workload requires almost all of my free time. Finals are coming up in two weeks, and if I don't do almost perfectly on the exams I will not be making an A in two of my classes. I have struggled all...

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Ellie Apr 09, 2023 563 views

I'm homeschooled, where can I take fine art classes online at?

I want a courses that teaches me real technique and skills. There are no in person art classes in my small town. I want a good program to develop my portfolio and learn a larger variety of media.

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Ellie Apr 09, 2023 496 views

Is it worth it getting an associates in illustration?

I am a high school student who is working on getting my bachelors in communications integrated with media management through dual enrollment. Since I will be graduating college two years early, I am trying to think about more schooling options. I love art and I think illustration will pair...

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Ellie Apr 05, 2023 344 views

is it possible to get two more minors after I graduate college?

I am majoring in communications integrated media management. I have a required minor that will either be marketing or psychology. I am also required to take several art classes and two graphic design classes. I think it would be useful to gain a minor in graphic design and a minor in...

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Ellie Apr 05, 2023 743 views

Can I get a masters of fine arts or a masters of graphic design if I get a bachelors in communications with a concentration in media management?

I am wondering if a creative type of masters if possible

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Ellie Apr 05, 2023 302 views

Where can I find study guides to help my personal expanse of classical literature before I start Lit classes in college?

I hope for maybe a free online site or a good recommended bookstore

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Ellie Apr 04, 2023 695 views

I love art, but I don't think it is wise to major in it because of the low variety of jobs with this career. What would be some alternate options to continue my love and my personal education in art without a bachelors in it.

Could anyone have any thoughts on how to help my dilemma?

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Ellie Apr 01, 2023 687 views

What are some jobs that I could get with a bachelors in communications with a concentration in media management?

This is the major I plan on getting, and I am worried about making enough money to be financially comfortable.