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omar’s Avatar
omar 2 days ago 168 views

How to find the perfect career for me?

I already have a couple careers in mind but there are so many and I learn about new ones each day how to find the perfect one for me?

jayla’s Avatar
jayla Mar 18 478 views

How do I get into a really good college with low ACT test scores?

I just recently took the ACT test and I am afraid my score will not be above a 22.

Kenneth’s Avatar
Kenneth Mar 16 392 views

Is it difficult to make friends in college when you are commuting?

For college, I am contemplating on if I want to dorm or save money and just commute from home. If commuting to my college classes everyday, what are some pros and cons between commuting and living on campus? Would I be missing out on the full college experience?

Kyleigh’s Avatar
Kyleigh Feb 25 557 views

What is the number one way to pass your college classes?

yep this is really stupid now that I am done

Addison’s Avatar
Addison Nov 08, 2023 189 views

What types of classes did you take for your career chose?

what types of classes did you take to graduate with that degree?

Morgan’s Avatar
Morgan Nov 08, 2023 239 views

Do you feel you made the correct career choice and do you have any regrets?

Do you feel you made the correct career choice and do you have any regrets?

Ivan’s Avatar
Ivan Oct 11, 2023 133 views

What are some good college grants and scholarships I can obtain?

I wish to obtain my PhD in psychology by age 24. Unfortunately, my access to academic money is narrow and I want to expand it. If there are any grants and scholarships I qualify for, I am very open to trying them.

milly’s Avatar
milly Oct 04, 2023 236 views

How can I find and get good scholarships?

I want has many openings to help me get into college and help be able to afford it.

priscilla’s Avatar
priscilla Oct 04, 2023 326 views

What jobs can I get with my Bachelors in Psychology ?

I recently graduated and got my bachelors in psych, but i feel like finding a job in this field with this degree is a little difficult. I am open to anything except working with children. Can someone recommend something or give me advice? I don't like the feeling that im wasting my life away...

Harley’s Avatar
Harley Sep 30, 2023 178 views

What can I do to understand what I'm learning about in medical school

I don't understand what I am learning in medical school

Hanah’s Avatar
Hanah Sep 27, 2023 509 views

How can I manage my time better so I can reach my goal of having a 4.0 this year while having extracurriculars and SAT preparations?

For context, I am taking 3 APs and an astronomy community college class. I am struggling the most with astronomy, physics, and math. I am also the Junior Officer for an aerospace organization at my school called Aerotech and I am a writer and editor for a club called ARRAS (Arts and Magazine...

Ella’s Avatar
Ella Sep 28, 2023 449 views

Can I start my career while still in college?

When should I start my career? I want to finish my associates degree and then go to a university but should I start my career while in school or wait until I’m done with college?

Sara’s Avatar
Sara Sep 28, 2023 492 views

Photography, side, hustles, or career advice?

Do you think photography is a good side hustle and when do you think I should start it for a good career field?

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Sep 27, 2023 280 views

How do I Prepare for a Career in the Medical Field?

My area does not have a whole lot of additional opportunities to learn about the medical field and prepare for a career in it(other than high school biology/anatomy classes). I was wondering what things i should do to prepare for college and a career in this field.