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Antonio Mar 09 605 views

For a software engineer do they code a lot?

What programs do they use the most if they do?

Trae’s Avatar
Trae Dec 12, 2023 332 views

What is it like to be a life flight pilot on a day to day basis?

9th grade
I would like to be a pilot ,but also be in the medical field

Darian’s Avatar
Darian Dec 13, 2023 755 views

What made you want to pick a career in psychology ?

I am in Highschool and have a passion for the psychology classes my school offers. I don’t know anyone who chose this career field and I am curious what made you choose it and what was your motivation towards becoming a psychologist?

Moses’s Avatar
Moses Dec 10, 2023 440 views

How can I get into/prepare for a career in cybersecurity as a 10th grader?

Should I look into internships, jobs, classes, certificates? Is there any recommended ways of learning cybersecurity online? What are cybersecurity companies (or anyone hiring for cybersecurity) looking for in applicants?

John’s Avatar
John Dec 10, 2023 518 views

Whatis the best path to learn Web design?

Web design

Merissa’s Avatar
Merissa Dec 10, 2023 358 views

How can I apply for scholarships?

I can apply for scholarships by going to the link my councilor gives me. As well chosing the ones that apply to me. Then take the steps to apply for the scholarships.

Ivana’s Avatar
Ivana Dec 10, 2023 385 views

Does commercial banking involve being in teams?

Hello, I'm a first year college student considering commercial banking as a career (or at least my first). I interned at JPMC and enjoyed the fact that there were teams and people worked together on projects. Is this also the case in commercial banking roles? If so, then which ones? In my...

Yes’s Avatar
Yes Dec 09, 2023 293 views

How many years do you need to study in order to work as a criminal investigator?

How long do you need to study or train for in order to work as a criminal investigator? Are there certain requirements needed?

Nathan’s Avatar
Nathan Dec 09, 2023 295 views

How do you expose yourself to colleges outside of your area and how old do you have to be to be recruited?

I’m in 8th grade trying to figure things out so I make the right decision in high school

Levia’s Avatar
Levia Dec 09, 2023 323 views

Where do I go after highschool ?

How do I make the choice to either start a career or go to college, coming from a low income background?

Sylvia’s Avatar
Sylvia Dec 09, 2023 608 views

Which classes would be the most beneficial for me to take?

I am interested in becoming a Speech Language Pathologist and I want to take dual enrollment classes next year because presently I'm in 10th grade.

Shane’s Avatar
Shane Dec 09, 2023 468 views

What classes and personal skills should I be focused on during my high school years in hopes of becoming an addiction counselor/ Therapist?

I am in 11th grade and live in Richmond Ohio. I am extremely passionate about exploring and understanding the human mind and emotions and have been through addiction many times.

Lyla’s Avatar
Lyla Dec 09, 2023 368 views

How do I know what to study?

I have no idea what to study or what to do when I get out of school.

Ali’s Avatar
Ali Dec 09, 2023 662 views

How do i know that i had coder mind I don't know programming any field for me?

BSSE student

alyssa’s Avatar
alyssa Dec 09, 2023 215 views

what is your fav thing after school ?

i am a freshman in high school and i am 14yrd old and i like working with kids and helping them do thing in a class room when i am older i want to a daycare teacher.