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Senior Quality Assurance Asociate at Prudential Financial
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Miriam’s Avatar
Miriam May 25, 2016 1302 views

How beneficial are office hours for students to get to talk and ask questions with their professors?

I just would like to know how much I would get out of office hours and how they typically work. #college #professor #human-resources #professional-development

Javonte’s Avatar
Javonte May 24, 2016 1233 views

Are you able to do your job without science?

Science is hard, and I don't want to do that for ever. #engineer #tech #gamer

Shakuan’s Avatar
Shakuan Jun 04, 2016 966 views

Is there an "ideal" resume?

I have two resumes: the simple resume looks rather boring to me, as if it was made in high school (which it was!), but the professional resume looks like it has a lot of info that can deter others from reading it. What guidelines should I follow to make sure I don't put too much or too little...

Tram’s Avatar
Tram Jun 10, 2016 1096 views

What are the advices you want to tell the younger you when you were in college? Study- wise, career-wise ...

I want to hear the tips from college graduated to enhance my college experiences. #college #graduated

Delilah’s Avatar
Delilah Jun 10, 2016 1441 views

What should I do, how do I become more aware of what I want to do?

I'm a High School Student and am about to enter my junior year which I have heard is the most important life changing year... ever. I am stuck in between wanting to be a Film Director or go into the Engineering field. I have no experience in either and my father gave me advice to look for...

Abigail’s Avatar
Abigail May 12, 2016 1902 views

How do engineers help the world in a way only they can?

Engineering seems to be a very big field, so I guess this question could be answered in different ways depending on the type of engineer. I think I would generally like to know how you, given your field in engineering, think about what changes people like you make in our world. Also I would...

Timothy’s Avatar
Timothy Jun 10, 2016 3260 views

What are the benefits of interning/working for a startup?

I am a high school student and in my current search for internships, everywhere I turn, I see startups. Big companies such as Google and NASA have correspondingly big impact on resumes and portfolios but what do small startups have to offer in terms of extension and development of skill sets,...

Lisa’s Avatar
Lisa May 21, 2016 1646 views

ACROSS ALL FIELDS Why do you love your job?

Many people hate their jobs, almost everyone longs for weekends, I get that. But what got you into your profession in the first place? What did you study in college and how did that effect your career? And why do you love your job? Is it working with people? Being creative? The high pay? All...

Shakuan’s Avatar
Shakuan Jun 04, 2016 933 views

List some colleges/universities with a great STEM program aside from the more-popular options, such as Ivy League schools, Georgia Tech, etc?

Many institutions that are cheaper yet offer the same, or better, education to students don't get as much recognition in the press. Can someone provide a list of colleges with great STEM and/or Math programs that are often "underrated?" #college #mathematics #colleges #stem #college-selection...

Merazul’s Avatar
Merazul May 28, 2016 1209 views

Is it worth looking into work at home jobs or not?

I have recently been browsing some jobs online as any college student would to be able to do something over the summer. However, it seems sketchy and unconventional that how are people able to work from home and make more than one can imagine. The past year I worked as delivery and it was a...

Emma’s Avatar
Emma May 21, 2016 2024 views

Should I Go for a Career that Pays Well or One that I Love?

I grew up in a house where money was always tight and we always depended on someone for financial help. I want to be an artist but I'm scared that I'll be in the same situation forever where I am never secure in my finances. On the other hand, I don't want to be stuck in a job that isn't...

Keerthana’s Avatar
Keerthana Jun 08, 2016 1074 views

How important is your social life in school?

I would like to become a doctor, and going to college soon, so I'm wondering how important my social life is and what part it should play in school. #college #doctor #medicine #teaching #social

Lera’s Avatar
Lera Jun 08, 2016 1165 views

How can you get a job if you have no previous work experience?

I am going to be graduating from high school this month, and I'm looking for a summer job. #job #job-search #first-job

Louise’s Avatar
Louise May 22, 2016 804 views

Are "No Essay" scholarships worth it?

I love the idea of "No Essay" scholarships, but do colleges view the people who use them as lacking potential/motivation? #college #college-admissions #scholarships

Jose’s Avatar
Jose May 24, 2016 964 views

How do I know if I made the right choice in choosing the university I will be attending in the fall?

I am a high school senior currently studying computer animation and graphic design in my school. I enjoy both art and computers and this field combines both of my passions into one. With so many schools out there it is hard to choose the right one. #general #graphic-design #animation...