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Otsego, Minnesota

Within 40 mile radius
william’s Avatar
william 7 hours ago 5 views

how do you keep a good work-life balance?

My plan for later life is to live on the second floor of a coffee shop i hope to run, but I'm unsure what a good work-life balance would look like, and it'd be useful to have an example.

Elijah’s Avatar
Elijah 8 hours ago 6 views

What are some steps that I should take in order to get a job in computer science?

I am a sophomore in high school interested in going to college for computer science. I am already very familiar with coding and how computers work.

Elijah’s Avatar
Elijah 8 hours ago 4 views

Is it a good time to try to pursue a degree in computer science?

I'm a sophomore in high school, but I'm already very interested in coding, particularly game development.

Mariana’s Avatar
Mariana 18 hours ago 38 views

How many years do you have to study to become a psychologist?

Is there also an option to keep going to college to learn more about psychology after you have completed the required amount of years?

Mariana’s Avatar
Mariana 18 hours ago 38 views

How do you know what career field is right for yourself?

I am a sophomore in high school and I want to major in psychology when I am older. I am a bit worried that it might not be a good fit for me and makes me a bit skeptical even though I am really interested in the career.

Mariana’s Avatar
Mariana yesterday 27 views

What type of personal qualities are useful to have when you are a psychologist?

I am a sophomore in highschool and really would like to major in pschology when I am in college. I really like being able to help people and just would like to know if there are any personal qualities that can help in that field of work.

Emma’s Avatar
Emma yesterday 13 views

How did you decide what college to go to?

I am interested in a few colleges but I don’t know which one I would benefit the most from and what community I would most enjoy.

Ben’s Avatar
Ben yesterday 21 views

Do I need to go to a culinary school if I wish to become a chef?

Being a chef has been a career of interest to me, but I am not sure if I would have to go to a culinary school to become a chef.

Ben’s Avatar
Ben yesterday 27 views

What is a good thing to start with if someone wants to pursue a career in Music?

I am currently in high school and still have a couple years to make a decision, and music has always been a passion of mine, but it seems like an overwhelming career path to pursue at the start.

Brynlyn’s Avatar
Brynlyn yesterday 14 views

When is the best time to join clubs when is the best time to do activities to get a chance at a scholarship college?

Also what activities would be best when it comes to trying to do engineering?

Adilay’s Avatar
Adilay Sep 29 47 views

How involved in the treatment of patients are psychiatrists?

Do they simply diagnose and/or prescribe treatment? Or do they directly partake in the treatment process, too, like doing talk therapy? I'm looking into psychologists and psychiatrists and both are appealing to me, but I want to be able to be involved in the treatment and be able to aid in...

Adilay’s Avatar
Adilay Sep 29 46 views

How does a psychologist compare and contrast to a psychiatrist?

I do know the education requirements and salaries are different, but what about the actual tasks? Can they both diagnose mental disorders or is that only the job of one? Can psychiatrists offer talk therapy in addition to medication, or do they just prescribe the meds? Which would be more...

william’s Avatar
william Sep 28 39 views

is it better to live in a separate place or inside your shop.?

My idea was that when i start my coffee shop, id live on the second floor, but i don't know if that's better or worse than just living in a separate place.

Adilay’s Avatar
Adilay Sep 28 45 views

What are some good colleges (US) to look into in order to pursue a degree in psychology?

Psychology is extremely interesting to me and I think a career in the field could very well be a good fit for me. What are some colleges in the US that offer good psychology programs? Or are they all kind of the same difference? I want to have as much knowledge in the area as I can and actually...

Adilay’s Avatar
Adilay Sep 28 46 views

What is it like working in a tech field like User Experience Design/Research?

I'm really drawn to psychology, but I also might be interested in working in tech. What kinds of things do these people do? Pros/cons of the job? Outlook?

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