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Yoryi’s Avatar
Yoryi Apr 09 495 views

How can I get started with any career? What could be the approach? What are the initial steps for a student to begin to understand how to get started with choosing a career?

How can I get started with any career? What could be the approach? What are the initial steps for a student to begin to understand how to get started with choosing a career.

andrian’s Avatar
andrian Apr 08 399 views

how to be happy in work?

i need a job with no pressure

Shaw’s Avatar
Shaw Apr 06 219 views

As a College student, how can i be nice to Strangers?

i want to start being nice

britney’s Avatar
britney Apr 05 215 views

Is it normal to not have a career in mind in 11th grade?

I’m in 11th grade and haven’t really thought of a career to do in my life, I’ve been kind of stuck in thought of what to do either it being art, psychology, or something random like business. I tried going to friends and family for help but they just say “follow your heart!” and it’s kind of...

Ojo’s Avatar
Ojo Apr 05 280 views

What are the benefits and purpose of using the website to find job opportunities

Looking for job around me here

Miles’s Avatar
Miles Apr 05 244 views

How movie?

How do directors land jobs in the film industry? Additional I was curious on how directors reach out to actors to star in their films. Do they have connections?

Alvin’s Avatar
Alvin Apr 04 494 views

Why is medicine a difficult career

Just asking though

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Alvin Apr 04 425 views

How can i pass my exams with ease?

Just asking though

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Mar 31 271 views

What is the GPA requirements for nursing studies#registered nurse?

What is the GPA requirements for nursing studies?#nursing#registerednurse

Grayson’s Avatar
Grayson Mar 31 247 views

How can i learn new language like german?

i want to learn Germany

jasper’s Avatar
jasper Mar 29 506 views

how can be successful?

am in grade 9. i have interest in data analysis and also data science.
i love to play sports like football , tennis, basketball.
i love school alot

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Mar 21 370 views

Why don’t people usually get matched with the career of their choice?

I feel like people don’t usually get the type of jobs they prefer. And insight as to why will be of great help

Crystal’s Avatar
Crystal Mar 20 432 views

Can I become a cosmetic scientist by graduating with a degree in chemistry? Or do I have to graduate as a chemical engineer?

The college I go to won’t let me transfer to their college of engineering so I can’t become a chemical engineer. My only other option is to major in chemistry? I don’t know if a degree in chemistry can get me a job as a cosmetic scientist.

Kenneth’s Avatar
Kenneth Mar 18 431 views

What are the major challenges that could elude people from studying biology as a career in school

What are the economic importance of choosing biology are a major career

Micheal’s Avatar
Micheal Mar 16 440 views

Where can I work as a software engineering student?

Where can I work if I finish as a software engineering student. I just got admitted into higher institution and I'm so much curious about this. Any answers that may help will be so much appreciated...........................

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