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Totowa, New Jersey

Within 40 mile radius
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Brooklyn Apr 15 248 views

How can one become successful ?

How can one become successful

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Jayla Apr 14 774 views

How to figure out what I want to pursue later in my life?

I am currently an informatics major in college with a concentration in User Interactive Experience. Initially I was a computer science major, but saw it wasn't something I 100% wanted to do. How can I figure out what I want to do. I enjoy coding and web design, but Im also interested in owning...

Akintoye’s Avatar
Akintoye Apr 14 296 views

How can one sustain a start up business ?

A new business entering a competitive market

Mariama’s Avatar
Mariama Apr 14 204 views

What should I do to pursue a career in modeling and criminology in college?

I'm in my last year of high school going to college this fall and ever since I was younger I always wanted to model.

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Apr 14 179 views

What is the best way to start connecting with the right people?

Ways to start connecting with the right people

kamari’s Avatar
kamari Apr 14 101 views

what is the process like becoming a orthodontist?

11th grade and want to be a orthodontist

Allison’s Avatar
Allison Apr 14 456 views

What is the best career to go for in Art and Fashion Industry?

What is the best career to go for in Art and Fashion Industry

Adeola’s Avatar
Adeola Apr 14 374 views

How do I know computer science should be my major?

I am 15 years old an African girl from Nigeria and mostly raised in the united states almost all my life. I am thinking of signing up for some college scholarships and other programs. My favourite color is purple,pink, lastly white. Hobbies I have interest in are literature,reading,and coding...

alomdra’s Avatar
alomdra Apr 14 183 views

How can I become a nurse? How can I better help myself at getting into a nursing program?

I am in the 11th grade. I favorite career interest at the moment is Registered nursing. I like doing any hands on activities and I am a fast learner. I also really like biology.

Stephen’s Avatar
Stephen Apr 13 311 views

How do I get into a college that is too expensive for me?

I almost a high school senior and would like to get ahead of the college process.?

Leila’s Avatar
Leila Apr 13 135 views

How do i determine which major is right for me and my future ?

I’m currently a liberal Arts major, however I want to change into something that I would feel more joy studying, and will open up many other doors for me in the future.

Tatyana’s Avatar
Tatyana Apr 13 237 views

How to get more desirable skills for work?

Still in college

Daella’s Avatar
Daella Apr 13 165 views

Can I major in Health administration to become a pediatrician? I would take the prerequisites for medical school while doing my degree

I am want to become pediatrician but I just want to make sure that I can do that even though I major in health administration

Nene’s Avatar
Nene Apr 13 173 views

What are some helpful tips for grad school?

I am currently a college student majoring in Speech Language Pathology. I want to know what some helpful resources or tips when entering grad school.

Bogdan’s Avatar
Bogdan Apr 13 195 views

What is needed for a calm paced work space?

What did I need to do or have so my work space was calm paced

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