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Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
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Joy Apr 16 354 views

How does one start a career business?

How does one start a career

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Kieran Apr 17 1041 views

What is the best roadmap for learning programming?

I have only a little bit of knowledge in Python and I'm interested in building projects so that I can have a portfolio to showcase to employers. I don't want to rely on online tutorials in order to program my projects.

Sandrah’s Avatar
Sandrah Apr 17 726 views

How do I write a good resume for a job like being an IT engineer and Business, and how do I get to a comfortable level of IT and Sports ?

I wanted to ask if I could end up doing IT and Sports because I play basketball and I want to have a career in basketball but again in IT and business

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Oscar Apr 25 722 views

What is something that can help me figure out the career path I would want?

I really enjoy things that i can focus and get into the zone in and i just need to figure out what those things are

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Pearl Apr 26 607 views

What are some job opportunities that don't demand high-level skills but still provide money to pay your bills?

I know skills are important for a successful career, but acquiring all those skills takes time. Meanwhile, you also need to pay your bills, so money is important too, right?

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Jensine Apr 25 527 views

Tips for internships?

Hi my name is Jensine 👋
Recently, I got accepted into a few marketing internships and would really appreciate any tips or ideas for creating social media posts! Additionally, how can I come up with original ideas?

asen’s Avatar
asen Apr 25 378 views

how to communicate good at school?

reading more books

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Jonas Apr 25 490 views

How do I become a professional programmer?

Hi I'm 17, I want to know what do I do to become a professional programmer

James’s Avatar
James Apr 24 518 views

How do I become a professional in software development?

I have less time to practice my skill in computer

Marie’s Avatar
Marie Apr 24 318 views

What careers would allow me to create something that will change the world?

I'm interested in math and science, but love writing and traveling. I don't like jobs that are not hands-on, or that are lifeless - in other words, jobs like mechanical engineering or computer science which don't deal with life. I want to get out of "the matrix", but I can't for the life of me...

Jenny’s Avatar
Jenny Apr 24 413 views

If STEM was just one of your interests in school, how did you balance your love for other "less stable" careers such as arts. How important is it to prioritise what will benefit your future than what will make you truly passionate?

I'm currently a year 12 student and will pursue a STEM career in neuroscience if my ATAR is sufficient. However, I also have many other interests involving the arts that I want to incorporate in my career but not sure how to :,)

Nicholas’s Avatar
Nicholas Apr 24 401 views

How can I begin a creer goal in the emerging technology sector of artificial intelligence #Spring24 ?

I hear so much about AI and I feel it will be a rewarding career choice #Spring24.

Xin Hui’s Avatar
Xin Hui Apr 21 676 views

How can I better understand myself for my future career?

I am in 10th and i’m really lost in life about what I should do. I like creative jobs, science and business.

Juan’s Avatar
Juan Apr 23 440 views

What is the importance of a career?

A career is more than just a job – it is a long-term pursuit that can provide personal fulfilment, financial stability, and a sense of purpose. The importance of choosing a career lies in its ability to provide direction and focus for your goals and aspirations.

Mark’s Avatar
Mark Apr 23 702 views

Will I get opportunities to shift across technologies in IT companies like IBM, Capgemini?

In my internship, I got to work across a couple of tech.. Can I do that in large IT companies or will they make me stick to a random tech ?