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CareerVillage Office Hours Mar 28 227 views

How do you bolster your resume as someone who doesn’t have much experience (like someone in high school), and also, how do you find these opportunities? ?

This question was asked by a learner during our Internships 101 webinar

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Aaru Mar 05 468 views

How do i choose what career path to take??

I will be going in 9th grade this year most of my friends have already decided what their career will be and what they will do in the future. I, however, have not and no matter how much i try i still cant decide. To be honest, i had never taken this seriously considering our age which i thought...

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Larry Mar 01 302 views

How to improve myself?

What is time managementing

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Ivan Mar 04 570 views

What is a good career path if you are good at Math.?

I love Math. I like baseball.

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Malita Mar 06 534 views

Haw to change my life?

What is life?

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Katlin Jan 20, 2023 690 views

What keeps you going when you feel unmotivated?

I want to be a preschool teacher or work at a daycare with young children and I'm worried about burnout or feeling overwhelmed.

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Austyn Dec 06, 2022 652 views

How do you get started as a pilot ?

I know you have to take classes and training, but how do I get started with that? Who do I contact? Are there any recommended contacts/schools?

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Silviya Dec 22, 2022 1967 views

What skills are required for HR?

I am a fresher with no experience. What skills do I need to land into a job role in HR? Currently, I am pursuing my masters of management in Human Resources? Where do I start?

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Harleigh Nov 07, 2022 334 views

Is it better to have an office in your house or to have an actual office you drive to?

Is it better to have an office in your house or to have an actual office you drive to?

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Issarlyn Oct 25, 2022 408 views

What are the most important thing when building a resume?

What are the main and most important things in a resume when aplaing for any job category that falls under business employment. And what what are the main and most important things in a resume when aplaing for any job category that falls under Game designing.

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Moises Oct 26, 2022 431 views

What should be on a resume?

I want to make a resume to have it ready to use but I'm not too sure of what to put on it.

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Ezra Sep 08, 2022 637 views

how to become and underwater welder?

What are some of the things i need to become and Underwater Welder? What kind of certifications do i need in order to learn this skill?

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stevee Aug 17, 2022 453 views

can you do welding for the military

i want to go to the navy and do underwater welding for them or any type of welding. Also would i have to have more and a certificate in the industry such as a degree.

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Daniel Aug 26, 2022 293 views

Would it be better to own your on shop, or to work for another big shop?

I was wondering this, to see which one is worth more of your time. Which would be more successful, a mechanic that owns his own shop, or one that works for a shop?

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Shakuan May 24, 2016 937 views

What kind of internships should I pursue if I am a Mathematics major? I am unsure of what I will do with my degree, so any general internships that could help are APPRECIATED

I have been struggling to find an internship or job that directly relates to my major, so I was wondering if anyone has an idea of where I should work for my first job? I would like for it to relate to my major. I am not sure what I want to do with my degree yet, but since my first year of...