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Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
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Amy Jan 03 388 views

How do I determine what job I want to do if I have a basic understanding of what I want in a job?

I would like to pursue a career in research/medicine. However, I want something that is considered in-patient and out-patient. How can I figure out different paths?

Lily’s Avatar
Lily Jan 05 577 views

Is kinesiology or child development better for a high school student looking into medicine?

I'm selecting my 9th grade classes. I have no idea if other schools do this, but we have to create a "career plan" and select classes for all four years of high school. Between the classes of kinesiology (my high school's course catalog defines it as studying the effects of exercise on the body...

Lily’s Avatar
Lily Jan 05 719 views

I have to take fine arts at my school, but which should I choose if I want to be a doctor? Does it matter at all?

My school has a fine arts requirement to graduate. I would like to become a doctor and am not very interested in art. What genre of classes are best for my situation? My school offers choir, band, orchestra, theatre arts, visual arts, dance, technical theatre, and art history at various levels...

Chelsea’s Avatar
Chelsea Apr 11, 2023 205 views

What is the main thing a hiring manager looks for in the medical assisting/RN field??

I want to know what exactly do they expect in the application as a newly graduate looking to find a job after college.

Katherine’s Avatar
Katherine Apr 11, 2023 281 views

Can I become a nurse while studying to be a pediatrician?

I just want to start working on something that is related to what I want to be so that i get used to it.

Charity’s Avatar
Charity Mar 14, 2018 751 views

How will I know which medical field to go into?

I want to apply to medical school after I get my bachelr’s degree, but I’m worried I won’t know which medical field suits me the best. Will you know as soon as you do it? Are certain fields better for certain people? #medicalschool #medical-education

Dionysus’s Avatar
Dionysus Apr 06, 2023 537 views

Typically how long is medical school?

If I were to participate in medical school, how long will it take to get a Phd?

aamina’s Avatar
aamina Mar 28, 2023 3992 views

I want to be a doctor and a professor, is that possible?

I'm a high school student

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Dec 13, 2022 462 views

I am stuck between three careers. How do I choose the right career path for me?

The three careers I am interested in are being an Anesthesiologist, Anesthesiologist Assistant, and a CRNA. If I choose to be an Anesthesiologist, what are some things I need to be aware of? Also, what's the biggest difference between being an Anesthesiologist and being a CRNA? What are some...

Gloria’s Avatar
Gloria Apr 04, 2023 313 views

Can you tell me more about the day-to-day responsibilities of the role?

I would love to know a "day in a life" of a medical assistant so I can prepare myself.

Alexandria’s Avatar
Alexandria Apr 01, 2023 822 views

How do I find someone who would be willing to mentor a medical student?

I am a current medical student, looking for a mentor. I'm very dedicated, passionate, energetic, and always looking for ways to become more knowledgeable. My main interests are Surgery, Cardiothoracic surgery, Cardiology, and Public/Global health. Is there anyone interested in mentoring me, or...

abraham’s Avatar
abraham Mar 27, 2023 444 views

why am i here ?

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Natalie’s Avatar
Natalie Mar 25, 2023 712 views

For the people in pre-med... what is the best schools to apply to?

I want to go into neurosurgery so I want a good pre med program but also not have to pay a million dollars for it.

justice’s Avatar
justice Mar 22, 2023 467 views

How much do doctors typically make in a year?

I'd like to know more about their salary!

Boshra’s Avatar
Boshra Mar 01, 2023 423 views

How many years in total does it take to become a doctor? I want to be a family medicine.

I want to be a family medicine doctor, how many years in total does it take to become a doctor? I want to go to VCU university.