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Thomas O'Shea

Music Producer, Composer, Live Sound Engineer, Musician
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations - Production Occupations
Madison, Wisconsin
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CJ yesterday 96 views

What is the best school to apply to if you are interested in the performing arts?

Best school Options?

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Lily Jun 18 260 views

What are the requirements to be a band teacher ?

I'm in highschool in my junior year and ever since I've been little I've always loved band. It's something I am really passionate about and I've really considered making it my career. I love teaching people about music and how to understand or learn about it. It makes me happy and I'm already...

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Travis Jun 17 311 views

How did you find what you wanted to do in college or how did you find the major you wanted to do when you went to college?

I just want to know the right way to find my major and from different people perspective on how they chose there major and career path.

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Arely Jun 18 447 views

Which business degree is more profitable in USA, specifically in TX?

I'm on my sophomore year of college, in Accounting, Business and Economics major. I always wanted to study Art, specifically a drawing concentration, but my parents want me to study a "real career", luckily, I am a math person too, and I like finance, accounting, and business in general, but I...

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Ariel Jun 18 155 views

What are the necessary steps to take to pave way for one's career especially if you are planning to become an exquisite musician or a successful artist

What are the necessary steps to take to pave way for one's career especially if you are planning to become an exquisite musician or a successful artist

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Azriel Jun 11 481 views

Why did you pick this career (Zoology) ?

I need this help with my class!!!

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Sonya Jun 09 511 views

Why is college so expensive nowadays? #Spring23

For example, Appalachian State University is 23k and change, but GTCC is only 2 grand at max for a four-year education. I understand the latter is more geared toward two-year degrees, but both are in-state and both are colleges. Do the demographics in recent years matter in the equation of...

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Brody Jun 10 329 views

What is the difference between a Music Degree and a Music Performance Degree?

I am in my high school band and I play bassoon. I want to work in music but I am unsure what degree I should go for in college.

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isabella Jun 09 302 views

How do I pursue a career in journalism?

I'm 17, going to be a senior this fall, and I've been passionate about the field of journalism and social justice since I was very young. While I love the field, I know they make little to no money, especially because I want to be an independent journalist that covers dangerous topics later in...

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Mathias Jun 09 663 views

How can I find out what category of business I should pursue in ?

When I was 12 I started a cookie business where I sold many cookies and loved the concept of starting up a business in a hobby that at the time I enjoyed. After time passed, baking so much by myself was a lot of work that I simply couldn’t handle, and I decided to let the small business go. If...

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Brillith Jun 05 3238 views

Is it unethical to list my degree as a business administration degree if I completed a concentration in Marketing ?

I recently graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration in marketing I was pushed by family and counselors to graduate with the degree since I was practically close to graduating and I wish I had withdrawn my grad application all together. I do not want to list marketing as my...

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Antonio Jun 04 561 views

how do you become a famous musician?

I want to be a famous music artist, I feel like i try hard and still don't get recognized.

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Jen Jun 01 1527 views

How do I be successful in the Business Major ?

I took a few gap years and need help getting back into the groove of university. What are some tips to help me stay focused in getting my 4 year degree?

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Bryan May 30 475 views

How to find a suitable College Major?

I'm trying to find a good Major for myself however I can't seem to find one

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Joshua May 28 390 views

How do I find people to help me with my songwriting ?

I’ve been writing songs for about 3 years and I honestly think they’re not that bad but I don’t know if they’re good either which sometimes leads me to getting rid of them. I would show it to my family members or friends but none of them are as passionate about music as I am so I want to find...