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Israel Mar 15 350 views

How to make more money

I am 16 currently doing construction I just need to know how I may start saving for the future I make 15 an hour work 48 to 60 hours a week and need some guidance with my money

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Emma Mar 15 370 views

How did you find the job that you are currently employed at?

How did you find the job that you are currently employed at?

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Sym Mar 10 590 views

What is the best thing to do to prepare before pursuing a comp sci and mathematics double major?

Grade 12, senior

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samuel Mar 14 350 views

how can i choose the best career?

career tips

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Alexis Mar 01 289 views

Is taking AP classes in high school worth doing a lot of extra work?

I feel like I need to take AP, but I hate committing to doing a lot of work!

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Darius Mar 09 406 views

How do i get Better at note taking.

Hello, i am a 12th grader. I’ve been having some hard times with notetaking and i was wondering how do i get better? I’ve tried tutoring but i need some tips on note taking.

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Rose Mar 14 567 views

How to find a career I can enjoy?

Every career I see I don't take interest in it as I am going to high school I really need to find this out

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Katie Mar 14 741 views

How do you figure out what you want to spend your life doing?

I'm an ambitious student, I have so many ideas of what I could do with my life. I have an interest in biology, math, space, and maybe even writing, to name a few. There's added anxieties to these dreams, such as cost, distance, scholarships , future jobs, and if you even want to do it. There...

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caleb Mar 06 399 views

I work best in an environment where I can do new things every day that is also hands-on. What are some jobs that would be the right fit for me?

I still don't know what to go to college for so I'm hoping that this will help me figure it out.

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Sam Mar 12 413 views

best things to learn math and programming?

best things to learn math and programming? python or java

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Haley Mar 12 517 views

What Medical field makes the most money??

Do Orthopedic Surgeons make good money?

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Justice Mar 07 316 views

How do I stop stressing out so much?

I keep stressing over the little things and overthinking.

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Shena Mar 09 375 views

How can i study better?

How can I study better to help me with my time management? I’ve had problems studying and managing my time.
so how can i help myself to study better while protecting my time?

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Jeddida Mar 10 371 views

What to do if you were focused on one job for most of your life but as your growing up, you realize you dont really like the subject needed for the job, and have been told you are good at another subject, but aren't really interested in the jobs available for this "other subject''.?

In highschool, trying to set a plan for the longterm like what ill major in

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Ella Mar 11 263 views

How do I start saving money ?

When you get an income make sure to have enough to pay bills and food. Then if you have money left over save it and don’t spend it even if you really want to.