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Jakob’s Avatar
Jakob Feb 14, 2023 661 views

When should high school student start preparing for college?

Students often wait until they are seniors before they start looking at colleges. This may cause stress and anxiety. There are also students that start looking really early.

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seema Feb 15, 2023 782 views

how can i stop procrastinating?

how do i reduce my procrastination? If anyone could provide some useful methods?

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Ashton Feb 15, 2023 960 views

What are some tips you could give to a junior for how to spend their summer before senior year of highschool?

I get pretty lazy and unproductive during the summer so I was curious if anyone had any advice to keep my productive during the summer.

Maryuri’s Avatar
Maryuri Feb 16, 2023 424 views

What should I consider when choosing college And what should I consider when choosing college major??

I'm a senior and I really want to attend college, I'm the first one in my family to attend college and I'm struggling choosing college and a major. I'm scared!

nevaeh’s Avatar
nevaeh Feb 16, 2023 934 views

How To Get Good Study Habits?

How do you create good study habits and stick to them ? I’m having a hard time because of my low attention span and would love some helpful tips for a freshman in high school! #CV23

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Feb 17, 2023 626 views

How can I start making connections with experienced individuals who are in the same career path that I am interested in?

I'm a senior in high school and I am interested in the medical field, specifically hoping to become a surgeon.

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Kyarter Feb 17, 2023 417 views

Computer Programming Education

How long does it take to learn almost everything about computer programming?

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CareerVillage Office Hours Feb 17, 2023 843 views

How do you learn about what's new in tech? Where do experts share their research and experiences?

This is part of our professionals series

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CareerVillage Office Hours Feb 17, 2023 793 views

What are important soft skills, and how to you learn them?

This is part of our professionals series

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Jessie Feb 17, 2023 469 views

Will CS job growth change in the next 10-20 years?

Do you think the CS job growth outlook will increase or decrease in the next decade or two?

Evelyn’s Avatar
Evelyn Feb 17, 2023 581 views

What is an essential thing to consider before choosing a career path?

As an upcoming senior, I'm still unsure of what to pursue so having an idea would get me brainstorming at least.

Richard’s Avatar
Richard Feb 17, 2023 530 views

Why are high school students creating LinkedIn accounts?

I've seen more people creating LinkedIn accounts and I am wondering why.

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Angela Feb 17, 2023 673 views

Tips for a high school student?

What are some tips that can help decide what colleges to apply to?

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Anna Feb 17, 2023 1138 views

Was your major related to your profession now?

Looking for different paths that people took

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Amanda Feb 18, 2023 1537 views

How can I figure out my career goals when I am still unsure as to what career path I'm considering for my future?

I'm a rising High School senior and I want to prepare well this summer before I start my College Applications. However, I still feel as though I don't know myself very well in terms of a single passion to pursue in higher education. Even though I know that is probably normal, would it not make...