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Daniel Z.’s Avatar
Daniel Z. Jan 12, 2018 242 views

How does one begin to look into starting a side business? What's the most important thing?

I know of people who effortlessly do side businesses to bring extra income, however I could never understood what factors play into being able to even begin thinking about what kind of business to do. #business-owner #business...


Charles B.’s Avatar
Charles B. Jan 16, 2018 402 views

Is retirement going to be available for millennials through 401k?

I've heard a lot rumors about companies getting rid of 401k. Therefore forcing employees to do retirement plans on there own but, it will be be hard to do if a person doesn't make a lot of money. #retirement #financial-planning...


Julian M.’s Avatar
Julian M. Mar 02 140 views

Would I enjoy doing CNA and will it help forward my career progress of being an RN?

I'm going to be a CNA so in the future I can be an RN and hopefully in the future I can be in the Fire Fighter academy to become a fire fighter. #nursing #nurse #registered-nurses...


violet V.’s Avatar
violet V. Oct 23, 2019 144 views

what do i have to do

I am a good person also I am great at math #math #college...


Essie L.’s Avatar
Essie L. Apr 14 114 views

What do I have to do to get into Surgery?

I am interest in medicine and I want to know how long it takes to go into certain fields of medicine. If you have anything else to add about Surgery, let me know! #medicine #doctor #healthcare #premed...


Essie L.’s Avatar
Essie L. Apr 13 84 views

What do I have to do to get into Emergency medicine?

I am interest in medicine and I want to know how long it takes to go into certain fields of medicine. If you have anything else to add about Emergency medicine, let me know! #medicine #doctor #healthcare #medical...


Julie M.’s Avatar
Julie M. Jan 19, 2018 326 views

What are good questions to as a potential employer during an interview?

I've always had a hard time during interviews. I'm not sure what the right answers to the questions are or what to ask myself to show the employer I'm serious about the position. #interview...


Armando T.’s Avatar
Armando T. Jan 05 183 views

What should my next steps be upon acquiring my first professional role? What should I be doing now to become an expert in my field, specifically cybersecurity?

I am currently in my last quarter of my masters degree program and have accepted my first professional cyber security role. I want to ensure that I create a solid foundation for my career and do everything possible to become a knowledgeable expert in my field. #cybersecurity #network security...


Tarah H.’s Avatar
Tarah H. Jan 20, 2018 436 views

If you could go back in time and give yourself any time management tips, what would they be?

I have not done a great job managing my time, but I am working to get better at it as I finish up high school career. I know that I will have a lot more free time in college, and I do not want to spend it all binge watching Netflix....


Taysha D.’s Avatar
Taysha D. Jan 17, 2018 189 views

Is the phlebotomy field growing?

I would like to know if the need for phlebotomist will increase or if it's expected to decline in the future....


Mara D.’s Avatar
Mara D. Aug 13, 2018 210 views

Is it hard to find a job as a bilingual teacher after college?

I really want to become a great teacher that will prepare and help future generation to (sound like a fantasy?) make the world a better place. Yet I'm scared that my career will not be successful or worth it. #teacher # #career # #success #teaching...


Kristen O.’s Avatar
Kristen O. Jan 17, 2018 1308 views

What industry areas of Biomedical Engineering are the best for recent college graduates hoping to pursue a lifelong career in biomedical product engineering?

I am hoping to pursue a career in Biomedical Engineering. Since this field is so broad and full of various areas of concentration, I want to know what areas professionals think are the best to begin with. What areas will help those new to industry narrow down their interests and applicable...

#first-job #electrical-engineering #biomedical-engineering #biomed #biotechnology #engineering #engineering-industry

Eimee D.’s Avatar
Eimee D. Jul 18 78 views

What should I expect from fashion school?

I'm a first generation college student. I'm nervous going into this career of interest I have knowing I might not love it once I study it for a while. My sewing skills are also not the best but I am eager to learn and try my best. #july20 #fashionschool #motivation...


Alyssa B.’s Avatar
Alyssa B. Jan 16, 2018 197 views
Shamarie J.’s Avatar
Shamarie J. Aug 26, 2018 215 views

How do you know what you want to do with your life?

At 18 students are often forced to think about what they want to do for the REST of their lives. How do they know if what they are passionate about now will make a good career choice for them or if it they will even like their major a year later ? #career...


jamesina C.’s Avatar
jamesina C. Sep 07 110 views

what science should i major in to pursue being in the medical field?

i am currently a senior looking forward to enroll in hbcus. #majors...


Aleria C.’s Avatar
Aleria C. Feb 24, 2016 761 views

What can I major in, in business? What kind of careers can I go into with a business major?

I'm asking because I want to go into this field for my career #business #majors #entrepreneur...


Eimee D.’s Avatar
Eimee D. Jul 18 57 views

How can i trained myself to be prepare for fashion school?

I took fashion 101 in high school and will be starting fashion school this fall. I'm familiarized somewhat with sewing and making clothes, but I know I lack skill. Any recommended websites or youtube videos? #july20 #fashion...


Jhovani G.’s Avatar
Jhovani G. Jan 25, 2018 349 views

Was it hard to pay off college?

I want to know my financial status and if college is the right path for me. #path #college #financial-planning...


Diamond T.’s Avatar
Diamond T. May 13, 2016 609 views

How does one go about looking for a programming job?

I'm guessing that I'm not gonna find a job by seeing a sign in a window somewhere. So do I look on the internet and if so do you have a suggested site? This is just for my future self. #jobs #programming #tech #websites...


Hanna L.’s Avatar
Hanna L. Jan 17, 2018 420 views

How do you know a career is right for you?

Many people say that they change their majors multiple times. And there are other people that say they changed their career many times (the national average is 5 different careers per person). But how do you know which one is the one for you? Is there a way that it will appear as the best...

#undecided #confused

Darlene D.’s Avatar
Darlene D. Jan 23, 2018 188 views

What is a good way to keep in touch with high school teachers that have left on impact on you?

Do you think one way would be to visit your high school in the future and encourage students to go to college, reach opportunities, apply to fun clubs, etc? I truly want to give back to my school community, and I really have appreciated the role that my teachers play in my life. I know I...


Dimetrius P.’s Avatar
Dimetrius P. Jul 11, 2018 315 views

Should I go straight through to my PhD?

Should I get my masters and work while getting my PhD, or should I go straight through and get my PhD, interning along the way? Which way gets me more experience, and which would insure that I will have a job? #social-work #phd #internship #masters #phd...


Skyla T.’s Avatar
Skyla T. Jan 27 100 views

What was most challenging about becoming A Pharmacy Technician?

HI my name is Skyla, I"m going to school to be a Pharmacy Technician and I've heard a lot of ups and downs being in that field such as remembering the Medicines names as well as dose age but I've also heard that it is very rewarding when it comes to knowledge about math and knowing some medical...

#pharmacist #pharmacy #medicine

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