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Izabela’s Avatar
Izabela Nov 22 92 views

As someone interested in psychology, and possibly going into a career as a therapist or counselor, is it challenging to take on so many other people's issues? Does that affect the non-working part of your life mentally or emotionally?

Currently a junior in high school
Very interested in studying psychology at University

Maddy’s Avatar
Maddy May 25, 2016 649 views

How does one begin to specialize in a medical area of study?

I have a few medical topics that I'm more interested in studying than others. These might just be questions that I will have answered when I learn more in medical school, but topics like brain activity have a lot to offer in terms of research. If a person wants to begin specializing in a...

Izabela’s Avatar
Izabela Nov 28 68 views

How much pressure should I put on choosing what I want to study at University? I am currently very drawn toward Psychology and English and I don't know which to focus more on.

I am a junior in high school.
I would prefer not to go into education.
I don't know whether to focus on English or Psychology and I'm worried that if I choose to focus on the wrong one, it will all go downhill.

Rashana’s Avatar
Rashana Jan 12, 2018 344 views

Is going to a community college better than a university for an RN ?

Does community colleges cost less? Is it easier for you to get your degrees there than rather at an actual university ?

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle May 20, 2016 804 views

How emotionally strong does a nurse or anyone in the medical field have to be?

I am a first year college student who wants to go into the medical field. I am aware that the medical field can be straining emotionally. However I am really curious as too how strong or "cold-blooded" I may have to be. #doctor #nurse #emergency-medicine #paramedic

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Jun 13 138 views

What is your day to day like in the store?

This gives me perspective on what id have to be okay with doing with my day to make sure things are profitable.

Faith’s Avatar
Faith Mar 20, 2018 591 views

What does an Occupational Therapist's average day look like?

I would like to confirm that every day is not going to be the same because I do not want to have career where every day is the exact same. I want each day to have it is own experiences.

dustyn’s Avatar
dustyn Aug 26 123 views

how often does an electrician get shocked?

I would like to know how often an electrician gets shocked due to my fear of getting shocked.

Leonard’s Avatar
Leonard Mar 18, 2018 516 views

What careers can someone pursue having a degree/major in nutrition, or biology?

I either want to go in Biology or Nutrition for my major, and I wanted to see the fruits that bear from choosing either or. #molecular-biology, #clinical-nutrition , #whatever

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Sep 09 360 views

What type of desk job can I find? And what is the entry into getting that job?

What type of security job or military job allows you to work a desk job or be inside of an office? And what is the entry point of education I need to enter into that field of work?

Destinee’s Avatar
Destinee Sep 01 370 views

Trying to change careers

I have a degree in Neuroscience and a job history in the medical field (mostly administrative). I am really trying to shift gears into data analytics, but even entry-level positions require some experience. I have taken courses to build technical skills however most employers don't understand...

Izabela’s Avatar
Izabela Jun 07 340 views

I'm currently in high school, but I have an interest in Psychology right now and I am wondering what it would entail if I want to pursue that in University and after that?

I enjoy the psychology class I am in right now and I like the idea of pursuing something in that area but I am not sure what to really do now. I should probably take a psychology class at University but I don't know what else there is and how to look at using that for my future.

Ishmael’s Avatar
Ishmael May 03 311 views

How do u enlist in the U.S NAVY?

I want to be an enlisted sailor.

Zaria’s Avatar
Zaria Dec 01, 2021 528 views

Why are you a Police Officer or Detective?

I am am 23 year old female with a background in Security and I am interested in perusing a career as a law enforcement. I desire to serve and help others also to inspire people to change. I enjoy problem solving and creative thinking. #law-enforcement #police-officer #criminal-justice...

Lucas’s Avatar
Lucas Sep 23 211 views

Can you describe your company culture?

To understand the company's values, management, leadership styles, and the approach in which they take to solve challenges and treating their employees in that particular occupation.

James’s Avatar
James May 03 304 views

How much do entry-level marketers make right out of college?

I want to know the pay so I can make a living.

Katie’s Avatar
Katie Apr 14, 2018 483 views

With a business degree, how influential is the name on your diploma in the interview process?

On average, college tuition has more than doubled in the last 20 years. Many college students graduate with significant debt, is it worth going to a school that is more expensive with an equal reputation of another school. While still getting the same degree. #business #after-college...

Julie’s Avatar
Julie Jan 19, 2018 2051 views

What are good questions to as a potential employer during an interview?

I've always had a hard time during interviews. I'm not sure what the right answers to the questions are or what to ask myself to show the employer I'm serious about the position.
#interview #interview-questions

Mayann’s Avatar
Mayann Sep 23 179 views

How How long did it takes you to get into Pharmacy?

I wanna know how long will it take to get into this field.

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Jul 26 450 views

Does your workplace value your mental health?

It might be a silly question but I'm genuinely curious about people's prospect. This is all because you're replaceable once you're 6 ft under so why not take care of your mental health?

Mayann’s Avatar
Mayann Sep 23 218 views

What do you need to get into Pharmacy?

I asked this question because I want to get into this field.

Kania’s Avatar
Kania Jan 12, 2018 520 views

What are some job options for a Pediatrician

im asking because when I graduate from high school I wanted to go to school to become a pediatrician. #pediatrics #pediatrician #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care #medicine

Mayann’s Avatar
Mayann Sep 23 246 views


I wanna know if I need a diploma to get into it ? Will it be beneficial for my education and my future ?

Ishmael’s Avatar
Ishmael May 03 455 views

What has your experience in the military been like?

Someone who is in the military how has it affected your life in 20 years?

Aliciana’s Avatar
Aliciana Oct 17 109 views

What steps do I have to take in order to become a hospitalist? Do I have to become an RN? What will college look like?

I am a junior. I just want to know how many years will each step take and what are the steps.

anijyah’s Avatar
anijyah May 24, 2021 371 views

What should I look forward to going straight into the military?

#army #military

Nyasia’s Avatar
Nyasia Jun 01, 2021 251 views

What do you like most about being a lawyer and what do you like least about being a lawyer

#lawyer #business-lawyer #lawyers

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Aug 24 326 views

What are some passion project ideas that a student interested in the health field can do?

I'm passionate about arts and health. I've already done a passion project for art, which was curating and sponsoring a teen-art gallery to support a non-profit. Not only that, but I've done some volunteering at hospitals and Red Cross, which has been great so far. What are some ideas for a...

Javelle’s Avatar
Javelle Aug 26 417 views

What are hard parts about being a manufacturing engineer?

My future trends will help me in life want hard things then most people do not know.

Bria’s Avatar
Bria May 31 263 views

What do you like most/least about this career as a phlebotomist?

I would like to know more about your perspective on this career.

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