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Plainfield, Illinois

Within 40 mile radius
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Sage 13 hours ago 100 views

What is the best advice for soon graduating high school students?

Question Writing Tips

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imani Jul 14 627 views

what can i expect from 9th grade?

what is the 9th-grade public school curriculum like? In August ill be attending a high school, and i want to know what i should be preparing for, i need to take a placement test aswell

Honey’s Avatar
Honey Jul 12 401 views

How does career village work?

How does this work. I want to know more about the career village.

Amparo’s Avatar
Amparo Jul 10 275 views

What Should I Do So I Can Prepare For The Workplace?

I'm starting out of school next year and I want to know some tips OR suggestions so that when I'm ready to get a job I can be aware.

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Frank Jul 09 259 views

how to become a miner

water plumber

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Frank Jul 09 309 views

how to become a cardealer

water plumber

carmen’s Avatar
carmen Jul 07 528 views

How do I find internships as someone who wants to go into web design?

Should I be cold emailing companies, and if so which ones? Or do you know of any? I'm a sophomore looking for something to full my summer with that I'm passionate about.

imani’s Avatar
imani Jul 02 289 views

free education rescourcess??

any suggestions?

Naina’s Avatar
Naina Jun 30 326 views

how long does it take to finish studies?

how long does it take to finsish mba

imani’s Avatar
imani Jun 30 397 views

how can I get into college if im homeschooled?

do I have a disadvantage by being homeschooled or an advantage??

john’s Avatar
john Jun 24 669 views

how can i start my business in college?

business tips

Alexzandrea’s Avatar
Alexzandrea Jun 21 304 views

Are there any shadow or volunteer opportunities for Physical Therapy in the Chicago area, close the westside or northside ?

In college I majored in Biology with a minor in Pre-med and Global Health. I wasn't able to add on Pre-Pt, but I took courses that was required for the pre-professional part.

Alexzandrea’s Avatar
Alexzandrea Jun 21 367 views

How do I get involved with the Physical Therapy route?

I recently graduated from college and am currently taking a gap year. During this time, I aim to learn more about physical therapy and explore opportunities to work or volunteer in this field.

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Jun 20 172 views

What are jobs available to me as master's in political science?

I am a master's student who is about to finish in a few months, but I do not want jobs that are related to politics or requires me to sit in-door for long period of time. What are some jobs that I should and could apply for?

imani’s Avatar
imani Jun 19 366 views

does volunteering even matter on my college applications?

recently, I've signed up to volunteer at my local library, they claim it could look good on my future college applications, but do colleges really care if I volunteer anywhere? and if they do, will volunteering at the library be good?

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