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College offers the opportunity to continue one's education post-secondary providing career developing skills and knowledge. There are many different types of colleges. There are two-year colleges that offer Associate of...

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Tyra J. Mar 01, 2016 9040 views

Should I get my bachelor degree for business before getting my license for hair after college?

I´m a senior in high school.My future career goal is to become a cosmetologist who owns her own hair salon.Since I have a passion for doing hair. I know when I go to college I have to major in business.However there is something I´m stuck on whether I should get my license for doing hair after...

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Shelika R. Mar 01, 2016 784 views

What specific majors can I take for Hospitality & Business?

Hi I am a senior in high school, and I recently went on a website named - I recently took the ISEEK Career Cluster Interest Survey, and my matching top career cluster were Hospitality and Business management. Now,aside from taking business classes in college, what exactly are some...

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Ajani B. Mar 01, 2016 577 views

Hi There! I was wondering what is the best way to get head shots and how do I get an agent?

I am a senior in high school and I would love to be an actor. I am about to go into college, and I need to know what is the best way to get into acting. #college #jobs #major...


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Alyssa M. Feb 29, 2016 691 views

I was thinking of taking college courses at the community college near me (Chaffey college) and I was wondering if this was a good idea?

I am a sophomore in highschool but I'm not planning on going to the college until next year for my junior year and then continue it into my senior year and then finish everything at that college for my associates degree once I graduate then move on to a four year college for my BSN in nursing....

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Joshua R. Feb 26, 2016 820 views

Would a person lose college credit if they stay out of college for more than two years?

I'm a college student and I'm trying to figure out if I would lose college credit for not going back to college within those two years. #college...


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Dakota W. Feb 24, 2016 471 views

What classes are good to take in college to be a riding instructor?

I do not know what kind of classes are out there and which ones would be right for me. :) #college...


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Kathleen M. Feb 24, 2016 777 views

Should I double major if I want to go into music education?

I really want to be a music teacher but I am a nervous because all i hear about is state's and school districts cutting the arts to save money. #college...


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Anna K. Feb 23, 2016 906 views

Does anyone know about the academic/social environment at Harvard University?

Hello, If you are a college student at Harvard/professional who has worked at Harvard University, I would greatly appreciate some feedback from your personal experience with Harvard. I don't mean academic statistics or rankings, but the social atmosphere, how people make friends, cafeteria...

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Anna K. Feb 23, 2016 1013 views

What's the difference between co-ed and all women's?

Hi everyone! I'm going through my college search and I found that some people advise others to go to a co-ed college instead of an all-women's college (or any gender-specific school). Besides the obvious differences in gender of the class, what are some other differences? Academic? Social? In...

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Akhil S. Feb 17, 2016 532 views

What is a good minor to take with Computer Science.

I am a high school student and I want to open up opportunities after college. Do you have any suggestions as to which minor would be best suited with my needs?...


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Brendan V. Feb 16, 2016 660 views

What do college directors look at?

I'm a junior in high school right now and today during school we did registration for the ACT and they handed out our GPA's....... my GPA so far is a 2.157..... but! I wanna know what colleges look at because freshman and sophomore year I went to different schools and I might be moving again so...

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Anna K. Feb 11, 2016 1419 views

Is it acceptable to pursue a STEM major at a liberal arts college?

I've found a really awesome liberal arts college in my college search that satisfies my requirements. The problem is, I want to pursue a chemistry major. The college does offer chemistry as a major, but I've heard some people say I shouldn't go to a liberal arts college to learn science. Some,...

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Brendan V. Feb 08, 2016 715 views

GPA? how is it looked at??

Im currently a junior in high school and this now is just crossing my mind, do colleges add up all 3 or 4 years of GPA and then divide it by a certain number to get an overall high school GPA or is it freshman year is one GPA, sophomore is another GPA, Junior year is another GPA and senior year...

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Brendan V. Feb 08, 2016 1810 views

GPA calculation help?

So im a junior in highschool right now and my GPA isnt the greatest. FRESHMAN YEAR- English- C- English - D- History-C Gym- A- Algebra- D+ Algebra- F Physical science- D+ physical science- B- Spanish- A- Spanish- C Computer class- B Art- B...

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Sami F. Feb 05, 2016 450 views

What does it take to become a Biomedical Engineer

I'm a Sophomore at Academy for Software Engineering. I'm asking this question because I want to know what I need to accomplish in order to successfully get into this career. #college #professional #student #engineering...


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Brendan V. Feb 04, 2016 661 views

Best way to add things to your college application?

What are some things that I could add onto my college application to make me look good, I'm currently a junior in high school, not in any clubs or sports because the clubs here are kinda lame and some sports I could. I used to play soccer also but not for high school level, and I have a job is...

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Kenyan S. Feb 02, 2016 737 views

what does it takes to be a lawyer

i like debating . #college #law...


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Kenyan S. Feb 02, 2016 1500 views

is being a lawyer hard work ?

wanna know does it takes time to actually start your career . #college #law...


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Brendan V. Jan 29, 2016 752 views

What exactly are college scholarships and tuition?

I've always heard people talk about college scholarships and tuition but don't know exactly what they are and i'm pretty close to college. All i know is that they help pay for college and tuition is the cost of something but what exactly?...


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Mason H. Jan 28, 2016 591 views

i want to be three jobs baseball player or game warden or hunting and fishing guide what would be a good starter job?

i am a 6th grader and I want to start off good in my life I want to know which of the following would be a good starter job for a high school or college student. #college #general #baseball #hunting...


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Hayley S. Jan 28, 2016 551 views

How long does a midwife have to stay in college for?

I'm interested in becoming a midwife because I think that would be the coolest job ever! #college #doctor #midwifery #baby...


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Angelo M. Mar 08, 2014 967 views

When applying to a research school, what would be best to highlight throughout my college application?

I am currently a high school junior, I will go to college to study Chemical Engineering. I understand research is important to highlight, but other than that, what would show schools like MIT, GA Tech, and Cal Tech that I am prepared to attend their institution? #college #engineering #chemistry...

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Cristalie C. Jan 21, 2016 1178 views

What do you find as the most difficult part of your job as a lawyer ?

I want to know the real experience on what real lawyers find difficult and how its affected them . #college #law #experience...


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Madison B. Jan 21, 2016 544 views

what college do you go to for Aflac , and what courses?

It is career week at school and I hope that you can get back to me in like......30 min. btw it is 10: 30 on a thursday of 1-21-16 #college #career-plan...


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Tahj J. Jan 20, 2016 1596 views
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Sofia P. Jan 12, 2016 509 views

What kind of degrees do I need to start my career?

i just want more information to see what i need to do for my future career. Thank you. #college...


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Ayan B. Jan 20, 2016 408 views

Is there anyone on here that been to Stanford?

I'm trying to be in Stanford but i don't know if its truly that hard. Is it hard, is it really hard?...


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Ayren G. Jan 11, 2016 1220 views

what is the difference between majoring in business and majoring in marketing?

I want to either major in business or marketing, I thought they were the same but I dont know. #college #business...


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Madeline L. Jan 04, 2016 894 views

What are the (best) financial options for paying for college?

Hi everyone! I'm a senior in high school, and like every senior in high school, we're wondering how we are going to pay for college! I know some basics: the federal grants, federal loans, and private loans and that private loans have higher interest rates. But what are the usual percentages...

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Harry B. Dec 03, 2015 1151 views

What are the requirements to become an electrical engineer?

I'm really interested in becoming an electrical engineer, or an engineer of a similar field when I grow up. Are there any specific requirements to become an electrical engineer, such as colleges, classes, or other requirements? #college #engineer...