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Ellie yesterday 207 views

What colleges should I aim for if I want to be an art director?

I'm not so sure what major or what university would be best for me! Currently I have average grades but I think I have below average extra curriculars. I really want to go to UCLA for their design media arts BA, but UCLA is such a reach school, I want to open up my horizons. currently im a...

Mary’s Avatar
Mary May 16 198 views

What are some careers that come from a Forensic Psychology degree? Also, what is the path like to becoming a court interpreter?

I’m a freshman in college, currently struggling to find a passion in a topic, so knowing the careers would be helpful in solidifying my decisions for my future.

Frank’s Avatar
Frank May 15 281 views

How to raise capital has an upcoming entrepreneur?

I want to know how to raise legit capital has an upcoming entrepreneur. Because funds is required to be an entrepreneur

Odunayo’s Avatar
Odunayo May 15 181 views

How can I decide or choose a career if I have many interests and hobbies?

I have an interest in writing and enjoy literature but I also want to dive into the sciences. This is making the decision quite tough for me right now

Quiamani’s Avatar
Quiamani May 15 155 views

How can I find motivation and stay engaged in school when I feel completely unmotivated and disconnected from my studies?

I tend to get good grades, but I can never stay consistent with my motivation. College is such a different world so I am trying my best to stay positive in certain situations.

Josue’s Avatar
Josue May 15 586 views

As a high school senior, I would like to start my tech newsletter should I do it?

In 2022, I saw a video on YouTube about a guy who created an app like Fiverr, but just for developers. It was called CoffeeDev, and I really liked the idea. A few months later, I made a Discord server with the same name, thinking I could turn it into something big. But I got too busy with...

Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria May 15 319 views

How do I know if the major I would like to choose is truly right for me ?

Although I am pretty confident that this would be my field of interest, I am still unsure about finalizing my decision for a major. I am a high school Junior and want to be a Civil Engineer. I love Physics was nominated by my school for the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute medal, and ended up...

ja'reese’s Avatar
ja'reese May 14 328 views

what are the most needed tools on my way to becoming an artist?

I'd really like to know

Fatoumata’s Avatar
Fatoumata May 14 102 views

What is the difference between an Esthetician and Aesthetician ?

What is the difference between an Esthetician and Aesthetician? Is there a huge difference in study, pay, and quality? Is one more difficult than the other?

aditya’s Avatar
aditya May 14 267 views

What is a CRNA, What are the benefits and expected salary What is the path to take to be a doctor in anesthesia? What are the differences between a CRNA, a Travel nurse, and a doctor in anesthesia??

I like math and science and I am in 10th grade. I want to go into medicine. Anesthesia seems very appealing but I do not know anything about the path to becoming one.

Damien’s Avatar
Damien May 13 164 views

How do I become a film writer. Such as someone who makes a comic book movie?

Some one who can create movies based off their own thoughts.

Asphalt’s Avatar
Asphalt May 10 162 views

What should i focus on to help me be a theatre teacher?

I want to teach specifically in the theatre arts because it's something i have years of study in and i want to know what steps will put me in the right direction

lissaura’s Avatar
lissaura May 10 198 views

what are good ways to go about applying to an accelerated Nursing Program? and not so expensive

im looking fordward to get into nursing in the future as im already a grad.

Adeline’s Avatar
Adeline Feb 17 906 views

What is the best way to start a business with your friends at the age of 14?

Like if you want to begin a clothes brand with 2 other people and you don't have any Ideas how do you come up with one?

Damilare’s Avatar
Damilare May 10 236 views

What can I do to grow my business ?

Help me out guys