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Jiayu Jimmy Wang

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Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Apr 19, 2018 471 views

Is it possible I can do a minor and major when I applied to college for next year

Specifically, next year I'm applying to NTID, Gallaudet, and Hunter College.
I'm thinking about doing a major and minor. So is it possible for me to do both?
#junior-year #curiosity

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Apr 12, 2018 504 views

Is it worth continuing school after a high school education?

Many people say they can start working right out of high school. I want to know if its worth continuing your education and taking it one step further. Many also say that you go into more debt than what you'll end up making with the further education. is that true? #college-advice...

Elisabeth’s Avatar
Elisabeth Apr 12, 2018 1401 views

What is the best way to teach yourself how to code?

I need to learn more about computer science and I feel really behind my peers in the field. When I've asked about resources, I'm usually told to "just use something online" and not given other specifics. #coding #computer-science

Mireia’s Avatar
Mireia Feb 07, 2018 926 views

What career path did you take to achieve your job?

#career #careers #career-counseling #jobs #accounting #auditing #sales #marketing #business #math #science #career-choice #pediatric-nursing #nursing #registered-nurses #doctor #veterinary #teacher #teachers #teacher-training #higher-education #college #college-advice #education #educator...

Sandra’s Avatar
Sandra Jan 16, 2018 600 views

How can you find a job in your chosen field after graduation when they all require experience?

I look at all the job postings periodically to get a sense of what type of accounting I want to do when I get my bachelor's degree. They all require experience to start. Is it really necessary to have the experience if you've earned a degree? #accounting