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Angelo Sep 29 66 views

When should I become a firefighter? After high school or after college?

When should I become a firefighter? After high school or after college?

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Sep 27 52 views

Entertaining jobs?

Like are they fun to a part of? Basically something that wouldnt have you sitting at a desk the whole time.

Belinda’s Avatar
Belinda Sep 17 113 views

Resume writing

How can I ensure an acceptable resume for future opportunities?

Shyann’s Avatar
Shyann Sep 16 143 views


I mainly see people work in retail, and that's good but just not for me. I've been thinking about if college is right for me, and it's still undecided. But when I come to a decision, if I decide to NOT go to college what to do ? A job of course, but is there anything other than retail that'll...

Jayden’s Avatar
Jayden Aug 29 122 views

Robotics Engineering

Hello, I’m interested in becoming a Robotics Engineer. I would like to know which academic path would be best. Would it be Electrical, Mechanical or Mechatronics engineering? Thanks

Kai’s Avatar
Kai Aug 07 191 views

Shifting courses

Hi! I'm a freshman in college and i'm thinking about shifting courses from Bachelor of science in business administration to Bachelor of science in medical technology by the end of our first sem. Is that okay? Will i go back to first year again if i do that?

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Jul 27 414 views

How do you limit procrastination?

I think this has been an issue tons of people have because procrastination makes us lose some big opportunities. What are some tips that could help out with procrastination and increase my motivation to work?

Alaa’s Avatar
Alaa Jul 19 206 views

I want to become a nurse, but I want to know what is the difference between an RN and Nurse practitioner.

I've done a bit of research on both but I still don't understand the big difference on both. I also want to know if the requirement to become one varies on which one you want to be.

Manuel’s Avatar
Manuel Jul 15 226 views

Hello, This question is directed towards any professional.

What would make you as a professional more inclined to give advice on this website? or what are some improvements you would like to see?

Sade’s Avatar
Sade Jul 14 247 views

What do you need to do to become a Fashion Designer?

I am in high school, but for a career, I want to become a fashion designer. What is needed to do so?

Demi’s Avatar
Demi Jul 14 243 views

What does it take to become a Sports Medicine Doctor?

What does it take to become a Sports Medicine Doctor? Also, what is a good major in college to study for this career?

Jose’s Avatar
Jose Jul 12 125 views

What is need to become a petcare associate?

I love seeing people with pets and always wonder why not at least try to do since I have pets.

Leah’s Avatar
Leah Jun 24 163 views

How can I invest and profit from that?

If I start investing, will I get money over the months to come? If that doesn’t go well then I should have a stash of extra money on the side if that doesn’t go well right?

Alessia’s Avatar
Alessia Jun 16 188 views

Whats the major differences between different colleges?

what's the difference between college, university, technical schools, community colleges, etc? What can each one do for me?

DarMario’s Avatar
DarMario Jun 09 216 views

Exactly how many levels are there to being a firefighter?

I am interested in becoming a firefighter, but I need to find out what I need to do to become one, such as classes or degrees to do so.