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Cooper City, Florida

Within 40 mile radius
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Hund Jun 08 148 views

Why does it have to be so hard to get to your dream?

Am serious about that

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Sarah Jun 03 643 views

Why do I have to take science and math in my senior year ?

Why do I have to take science and math in my senior year? If I have already completed the necessary credit requirements. My guidance counselor said that colleges like to see that, is that true?

SNB’s Avatar
SNB May 29 357 views

Should I take Physics Honors or AP Biology?

I'm in high school and for my science class next year I have the option to take Physics or AP Bio but I don't know which one would be more useful. I want to go into biomedical engineering and biology is more closely related to that field but I have also heard that colleges want students to take...

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tiara May 20 397 views

how can i find a good job after college?

job tips after college

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Amiyah May 18 241 views

What are the pathways to becoming a registered nurse (RN)?

How do ADN and BSN programs differ? What specializations can nurses pursue? How does the role of a nurse practitioner (NP) differ from an RN? What does a typical day look like for a hospital nurse? How do nurses manage job demands? How do nurses advocate for their patients? What ethical...

quay’s Avatar
quay May 17 544 views

what is the best career to choose in a college?

career tips

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Success May 17 581 views

How can i learn how to make different kind of pattern?

i know how to cut and sew,i can make cloth for women,men,boys and girls. I also know the guidelines that guide pattern drafting but i can just draft without confidence

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Success May 17 325 views

How do i know how to cut different patterns?

I know how to sew using measurements of other people, but other websites make professional sizes that sometimes fit, I want to be able to make the specific sizes so then I can do a better job of actually making the clothes for other people.

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Recce May 16 257 views

How to choose a career?

How to build skills and also to double work into the career path

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daniel May 06 525 views

what is the best financial planning modes?

finance tips

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Genesis May 02 345 views

Meteorologists, how would your degree be applied to the scientific research community, if it would?

As a sophomore who just changed to an Environmental Science A.A., I'm exploring B.S. options that will open up more specialized job opportunities. I love considering how weather patterns change or maintain ecological activities, or even interact with the ocean ... but won't I be pigeon-holed...

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Leila May 01 426 views

How does one help the needy?

What's the amount that one needs to have?

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morgan Apr 26 234 views

how can be a data analyst?

good day how can i be successful

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Liad Apr 25 349 views

As a computer engineer, when you have an idea, how do you make sure nobody takes it and uses it as their own?

As a computer engineer, when you have an idea, how do you make sure nobody takes it and uses it as their own?

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Apr 24 118 views

How to get internships?

How do I get internships as a student who is now in high school as a junior and is interested in speech therapy or psychology? Even in college also how would I go about that?

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