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Red Lion, Pennsylvania

Within 40 mile radius
Clinton H.’s Avatar
Clinton H. Nov 18 37 views

How do I get started in the construction trades?

I am a high school teacher who places students in job shadows....


Ayomide  O.’s Avatar
Ayomide O. Mar 30, 2017 594 views
Colin S.’s Avatar
Colin S. Aug 29, 2018 570 views

What are the best schools for an actuarial science major?

I would like to stay within 300 miles of my home so I'm looking for the best colleges fitting that criteria that offer an actuarial science program. actuary...


Colin S.’s Avatar
Colin S. Aug 29, 2018 465 views

What is the path for an actuary after college?

More schooling? Testing? Internship? actuary...


Ayomide  O.’s Avatar
Ayomide O. Mar 14, 2017 685 views

How do you find out what type of accounting you want to pursue as a career?

I'm an accounting student at Towson university I want to know how to find the right accounting job for me accounting financial-accounting...


Kaitlin P.’s Avatar
Kaitlin P. Apr 23, 2018 446 views

Is a bachelors degree or a masters degree better to have when entering the workforce?

Should I originally go to school for a bachelors degree and then start a job that pays for me to obtain my masters or should I stay in school and obtain a masters degree before starting work?...


Clarissa R.’s Avatar
Clarissa R. May 19, 2016 1419 views
Alexi C.’s Avatar
Alexi C. Aug 21, 2018 406 views

How do I know if I have chosen the right career path?

In my mind I have so many potential career options but I don't know if i have chosen the one for me career-paths...

Jilly H.’s Avatar
Jilly H. Jan 16, 2018 373 views

Why is it so difficult for non-traditional students to get financial aid?

As a student who is not right out of high school, nor has the ability to have parental assistance, I have found it almost impossible to find scholarships and/or grants for someone such as myself that is classified as a non-traditional student. Not to mention, it's impossible to obtain student...

financialaid loans nontraditionalstudent college-scholarships

Sami P.’s Avatar
Sami P. May 10, 2016 765 views

How do I become a teacher?

I'm thinking about being a teacher when I grow up. teacher education college higher-education...


isaiah K.’s Avatar
isaiah K. May 27, 2016 539 views

My dad's a single, disabled veteran and we live on 836 a month. what would be the best way to apply for scholarships and grants?

I'm trying to get the money together so i can start college in FL, it's 54,000 for the whole course and im just trying to figure out the best way to approach this situation. I'm the oldest of my siblings and relatively new to this. I want to set the example and be able to help my younger...

veterans scholarships florida disability single-parent grants

Julia L.’s Avatar
Julia L. May 13, 2016 614 views

Is it better to choose a career path that is stable and well paying or to choose a path that is has a higher possibility of failure but also more reward?

I have the chance to enter a program where once completed, I am guaranteed a job with a six figure starting salary. However, it is not a job that I would be satisfied doing for the rest of my life. The job I actually want is riskier and requires a ton more effort and grit to acquire. Is it...

personal-development financial-planning

Marysol E.’s Avatar
Marysol E. Mar 20, 2018 381 views

The best ways to pay off student loans?

Every year, medical school loans tend to increase. What are some ways some young physicians have figured out how to pay off their loans without completely sacrificing their lifestyle? medicine, student-loans...


Adam S.’s Avatar
Adam S. Jan 17, 2018 570 views

What tips would you give to help me get a leg up on the competition when it comes to interviewing for a job?

I'd like to do well when it comes to interviewing for a future job. I'd like to know how I can perform my best and stand out in an interview....


jordan R.’s Avatar
jordan R. May 24, 2016 583 views

I was told that in the business management field it's hard to make a career out of it unless you obtain your masters degree. My question to you all is 1. Is that true? and 2. Is business management a field that is hard to make into a career?

I've come to this site to get my questions answered by professionals to clarify all the things told to me by family members and other resources about getting a degree in this field. Although their advice is nice I just wanted to clarify this with professionals to see if I'd have to consider a...

management college major degree career business

Ayomide  O.’s Avatar
Ayomide O. Mar 20, 2017 759 views

Does an accounting student need a masters?

Accounting student at Towson university...


Ayomide  O.’s Avatar
Ayomide O. Mar 30, 2017 741 views
Lourdes J.’s Avatar
Lourdes J. Feb 25 230 views

When is the right time to start preparing for college?

I am currently in High School and I am wondering when should iIstart preparing for college. Also, when should I consider writing my resume? college highschool resume...


Marissa B.’s Avatar
Marissa B. Apr 26, 2017 892 views

How do you balance school work, classes, and a job.

I have a part time job and a lot of school work to deal with on the daily. Is there a way to make it easier to handle so I do not feel like I am constantly being overwhelmed? school organization...


Ayomide  O.’s Avatar
Ayomide O. Mar 14, 2017 475 views

How likely am I to get a job in the accounting field

Accounting student at Towson university...


Ayomide  O.’s Avatar
Ayomide O. Mar 14, 2017 704 views

How to get preemptive experience in the accounting field

Accounting student at Towson university...


Jesus V.’s Avatar
Jesus V. Jul 28, 2016 1039 views

What is better: going into a four-year university as "undeclared" or going to a community college for the first two years of school?

I am a senior in high school, and I don't know what I want to study in college. I'm currently taking IB classes which should cover my freshman year in college. I have an easy access to a community college system. I also have a high probability of getting into a 4 year school, economically...

undeclared undergraduate

Alexi C.’s Avatar
Alexi C. Aug 21, 2018 485 views

How to find a better sense of self?

I feel like sometimes I don't know myself. How do I find myself? Also how will this elp me find a profession? counselor...


William L.’s Avatar
William L. May 05, 2016 448 views

How do I plan my career correctly

My name is William and i want to study music education, and early child development at Pvamu. I want to get advice on how to plan my time and goals. education...


Ryan D.’s Avatar
Ryan D. Oct 08, 2019 298 views

What is it like to be a IT manager?

my brother is a it manager for johns Hopkins in Baltimore city and he has told me its a good job to get in, so I'm planning to do that but to be honest I have no idea where to start (as I was told I should start learning early so I have more experience) I don't even know the basics. have any...

career itmanagement

Bekka K.’s Avatar
Bekka K. Feb 01 256 views

What are the major differences between elementary and middle school teachers?

My dream has always been to be an elementary school teacher, but I really like English as well. I am debating either an elementary school teacher or a middle school English teacher, and don't know which to choose. I really like working with kids, presenting/public speaking, etcetera. teacher...

elementary-education secondary-education english

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