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Detroit, Michigan
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Tianna’s Career Goals

My career goals have changed a lot. I wanted to become a veterinarian from a love of animals, a blood analyst because I donated blood, and an animator because I love stories in cartoons and film. Now, I'm aiming for something in Technology or Engineering.


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Tianna Jun 07, 2023 481 views

What paths (in tech) are available in EMS?

A career area I want to explore is EMS: Emergency Medical Services. I know that EMTs, paramedics, and firefighters populate most of the field. I want to broaden my perspective of what's out there. Personally, I'm interested in roles that use technology and planning, such as EMS Management....

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Tianna May 17, 2023 617 views

Care to share info about FinTech?

I came across FinTech - Financial Technology - recently. Seems like a huge industry (with a lot of areas), and the field might provide work that I want to do. What are some common career paths in FinTech? Are there any roles that have low and/or high appeal? What background experience is...

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Tianna May 07, 2023 392 views

What is the nature of working in Motion Design?

I held an interest in animation before Tech. I stumbled upon Motion Design. Motion Design plays a key role in online product design, from what I understand. I notice they create work in After Effects for advertisements or brands that rely on visual communication (Thinking of companies that...

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Tianna May 07, 2023 647 views

What's the nature of working in Software Development for E-Commerce?

I noticed that Developers work in various industries. I'm slightly interested in e-commerce. I like the idea of building websites and apps to help businesses have a way to sell items. What is the day-to-day of working in E-Commerce? What is the nature of the job? Would be nice to hear from...

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Tianna May 07, 2023 870 views

Concerns about Tech....Thoughts?

After reading articles about the Tech Industry, I noticed that many tech professionals are concerned about the job market. Some describe the market as "in a rough place" or "slowing down" due to layoffs from major companies. At the same time, the BLS says that computer and information jobs...

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Tianna Apr 16, 2023 614 views

Communication Technology vs Electrical Engineering?

As a freshman in college, I have a GPA of 3.5 and got mostly B's in math. I have experience with technology (like basic coding) but not engineering in high school. Two majors at my school are Communication Technology (CT) and Electrical Engineering (EE). CT contains classes in digital media...

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Tianna Dec 09, 2022 1032 views

What is the life of a Welder like?

Hello! Currently, I'm a college freshman. I'm already have a major/program of study. However, I'm exploring other careers and I saw someone suggested Welder. Being completely unfamiliar with this field: - What is it like to work as a Welder? - What skills does someone learn starting off new...

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Tianna Aug 03, 2022 1260 views

How do you become an animator and illustrator at the same time?

So, I read a Q&A from a professional Background (BG) Artist a few days ago. The BG said "a illustration skills don’t always translate to animation." So, it made me wonder more about the differences between the two fields. They're both art-based careers, yet there's some differences I don't...