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Alexander Oct 04, 2023 400 views

What education do you need to become a mechanical engineer?

Hello my name is alex and i am 12 years old. What education do you need to become a mechanical engineer? I want to know this because people say that it is very hard to become a mechanical engineer, but i don’t know what you actually need to become one. Also, what classes in high school and...

Cameron’s Avatar
Cameron Oct 04, 2023 701 views

What high school classes do you need for automotive engineering ?

aslo, do you need any form of backround in mechanics?

Skylyn’s Avatar
Skylyn Aug 02, 2023 317 views

How do I apply to college?

I am in 12th grade and I am not sure which college I want to go to. I am also debating whether I want to do online college or in-person. I do not know how to apply for scholarships and how to apply to college. I would like to know more info about college!

Riley’s Avatar
Riley Aug 04, 2023 342 views

What are good jobs in the field of environmental science?

I am really passionate about environmental science/conservation and I want to major in environmental science when I go to college, but I'm not sure what jobs there are in the field. I know of some(like an environmental scientist or engineer), but would like to lean more about it.

allison’s Avatar
allison Aug 04, 2023 221 views

How do I study with results?

I always study but with no results.

Amber’s Avatar
Amber Aug 03, 2023 203 views

How do I Apply for scholarships and jobs. Where do I do sell apply for scholarships and jobs? And when is the best time to apply for scholarships and jobs??

How do I Apply for scholarships and jobs. Where do I do sell apply for scholarships and jobs? And when is the best time to apply for scholarships and jobs?

Meghana’s Avatar
Meghana Aug 03, 2023 426 views

Are job opportunities great for biotechnology majors in the U.S. as a non-US citizen and non permanent resident?

Currently a rising high school senior. I am thinking of majoring in Biotechnology, so I want to know how do employment opportunities look like as Biotech major.
I am also considering grad school.

prerana’s Avatar
prerana Aug 01, 2023 1062 views

How do I know what field/line of work is for me?

I’m a rising junior this year and have been worried about my future more and more lately, and need some kind of guidance regarding career planning, so if anyone has any tips I’m all ears!! Thank you :D

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Jul 27, 2023 267 views

How do i choose the best college for me?

How do i choose the best college for me? I'm interested in business and I'm not sure what my options are. Finances are a factor. I live in NYC. I need mentorship.

Brittany’s Avatar
Brittany Dec 28, 2022 416 views

How do I decide between getting a lcsw or lmhc/lpcc degree?

I have a BS in psychology and want to go back to school to work in the mental health field with the chronically mentally ill, as of now. It would be easier for me financially to get the counseling degree, but I know that the social work degree offers more variety in terms of careers, and it is...

Kyren’s Avatar
Kyren Dec 21, 2022 835 views

What colleges are good for a major in aerospace engineering?

I am currently in high school and I am interested in majoring in aerospace engineering. I do not really know where to begin to look for colleges to attend.

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Dec 27, 2022 653 views

How do i prepare for Rn nursing?

I really want to do Rn but I really don't know what field is best for me. So I need advice on how to get to specialize in the right field of RN

Jeremy’s Avatar
Jeremy Dec 23, 2022 1545 views

What colleges are good if I want to major in Computer Science

I am interested in majoring in Computer Science.

Vivek’s Avatar
Vivek Dec 18, 2022 450 views

How I can became software developer if I am from commerce stream because at first I want my college degree from B.CA but unfortunately I have only IT as a optional subject and I don't have MATHS so please guide me ?

I score 75 percent in my 10 grade
At present I learn JAVA as it is included in 12 grade

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Dec 16, 2022 496 views

Resources for researching colleges?

For some time, I've been looking around at different colleges to get my bachelor's in. I've found several that I've liked, and I'm still looking around for potential options. Besides the colleges' websites and college tours, what are good ways to research a college? Are there any platforms in...