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Brooke’s Avatar
Brooke Apr 11 210 views

What are some animal-related career possibilities with a biology degree?

I’m a sophomore bio major with a huge love for animals and I’m not sure if I’m suited for long-term lab work. Any advice?

ezra’s Avatar
ezra Apr 10 332 views

What is one skill that is useful in all kind of job settings?

I do not want a 5 to 6 job

Lexii’s Avatar
Lexii Apr 10 249 views

How does fashion designing work as a career?

How does fashion designing work as a career?

Lory’s Avatar
Lory Apr 10 303 views

Pros and cons for Physician Assistant as a job?

I don't think I have the drive to pursue an actual PhD so I looked into alternatives and PA happens to be one of them. Any pros and cons I should be aware of?

Lory’s Avatar
Lory Apr 10 431 views

What are some steps I can take as a highschool student to prepare myself for a possible psychology degree?

I'm almost sure that I'll take psych and be a PA but I know that its very selective and rigorous.

Vincent’s Avatar
Vincent Apr 09 331 views

If one has a record , is there any hope for employment and if so , what are the measures to be taken ?

A creative at heart

Kobe’s Avatar
Kobe Apr 09 197 views

What classes should one major in if one wants to become a phsychitrist?

what classes should one major in

Felix’s Avatar
Felix Apr 08 348 views

Is art a successful career?

I'm an artist at heart

Godspower’s Avatar
Godspower Apr 07 324 views

What are some common software development issues? And some trouble shooting tips.

I love software development and wnt o be a software engineer when I finish college, I'm currently in grade 11 and will be finishing in a couple of months

Godspower’s Avatar
Godspower Apr 07 255 views

Whatt are the features and functions of computers oftware? What are some extensive resources for further learning and research?

I'm in grade 11 and I really love computers so I want to be a computer programmer or software developer, or anything relating to a field in computer

I major in Maths, English, computer, etc.

Ajer’s Avatar
Ajer Apr 04 300 views

Which career choice do you think will still be relevant after 20 years?

most jobs will end with technology and AI

Parth Rasu’s Avatar
Parth Rasu Apr 04 612 views

Are Salesforce Certifications/Badges (e.g. Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I certification) helpful to land an entry-level job in current times? Any advice/insight will be greatly helpful! ?

I am not sure how useful will this certification be hence before I invest 32 hours in it, I would like to understand it's usefulness and value.

Any insight/advice is more than welcome!

I would like to understand what other certifications can be useful other than this?

Thank you!

Nathan’s Avatar
Nathan Apr 03 382 views

what is the quqlification of an accountant?

what is the qualification of an accountant#accounting

Kaitlynn’s Avatar
Kaitlynn Apr 02 267 views

What kind of jobs can I get with a criminal justice BA?

I am going to uni for a Criminal Justice degree and want to make sure I'm making the right choice for a future.

Eddie’s Avatar
Eddie Apr 01 559 views

How would I get started stock trading and which degrees can I get?

How would I get started with stock trading Hi Im Eddie I’m a senior in High School and want to pursue getting a degree and career in stock trading to make my own business out of it

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